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OES 2014/15: After Talk Must Come Action

Open Education Series

We have recorded the lectures and panels for those who were unable to attend the events. We have also provided a list of useful sources for each theme.

Friday 16th January 2015, 7.00pm

PANEL: “Why is My Curriculum White?”

Speakers: Adam Elliot-Cooper, Malia Bouattia

“Why Is My Curriculum White?” is a campaign at UCL produced by their Dismantling the Master’s House community of academics, staff and students. It investigates ideas of racial supremacy in curriculums and intellectual cultures.

Tuesday 27th January 2015, 6.30pm

EXHIBITION: Crossing Borders: Experiences of Immigration in Britain

Speaker: Safrina Kumar Ahmed

This event examined aspects of the immigrant experience in Britain through primary sources on the following themes: Housing and Education, Racism and violence, Refugees, Employment. The event included an introductory lecture, a guided tour of the exhibition and a discussion seminar.

Thursday 12th February, 6.30pm

SEMINAR: By Any Means Necessary? : Questioning Ideas of Militancy in the Civil Rights Struggle

Speaker: Abi Awojobi

This seminar made use of primary sources – including original Black Panther newsletters and pamphlets – to investigate notions of civil rights ‘militancy’, and examined the diversity of approaches utilised for the aim of civil liberties.