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Guide to resources on mental health

A large number of books on mental health and social work were deposited alongside some of the archive collections and these are available in the MRC searchroom. A small selection is given here:

Put Away: A Sociological Study of Institutions for the Mentally Retarded. P. Morris. 1969.

The Biology of Mental Defect. Lionel S. Penrose. 1949

Stress in Families with a Mentally Handicapped Child. National Society for Mentally Handicapped.1967

Psychological Problems in Mental Deficiency. Seymour B. Sarason. 1969

Key archive collections:


Society of Mental Welfare Officers, 1954-1972

The Mental Welfare Officer,1958-1965, and Mental Welfare, 1965-1968 - journals of the Incorporated Society of Mental Welfare Officers.

Association of Children's Officers. 1948-1981

Range of material on children's departments and child care.

MSS.378/ACO/CO/1/3/1-11 Recommendations of Report of the Royal Commission on the law relating to mental illness and mental deficiency which specifically affect children, March 1958.

Association of Psychiatric Social Workers, 1928-1975

Includes files such as:

MSS.378/APSW/P/16/5/1-65 . 1. "Marital difficulties", by E. E. Irvine, undated, 1937. 2-3. "Psychiatric social work in mental hospitals", by Dr Kimber?, undated, and report for press: "The psychiatric social workers in the mental hospital". 27."Psychological work with mothers and children in maternity and infant welfare clinics": report of a talk by Miss Ruth Thomas given at APSW general meeting, March 1947, including ensuing discussion.

MSS.378/APSW/P/17/6/1-36 Ministry of Education Committee on maladjusted children (1950) " the Ministry of Education Committee on Maladjusted children", August 1951.

British Association of Social Workers

Includes numerous files and papers on all aspects of mental health from 1970 onwards.

Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW)

This collection contains microfiche of CCETSW files. These include information on courses and training schemes, on their approval and assessment, and on the development of social work training.

The following collections are concerned chiefly with those who worked with the mentally ill as nurses, carers or warders. There are a number of items which provide information on working hours, rules and regulations of institutions, wages and conditions etc.

National Asylum Workers' Union / Mental Hospital and Institutional Workers' Union

Includes the NAWU/MHIW: Mental Health Services journal from 1912-1945

Confederation of Health Service Employees (COHSE)

MSS.229/NA/P/3/6 Regulations for the Management and Conduct of South Yorkshire Lunatic Asylum Nurses

MSS.229/NA/P/3/1 Notes for the Mental Nurse in Training.

MSS.229/6/C/CO/5/1-15 Handbook/manuals for mental nurses 1908, 1931, 1939; Hoyle, J.S. and Hawkesworth, Mental health officer's guide, Elsworth Bros.1951; MacDonald, V.M., Mental hygiene and the public health nurse, J.B. Lippincott, 1934;Mental Hospitals' Assoc., Thirty years administration of public asylums, Hodder Stoughton, 1921

MSS.229/6/C/CO/10/-3 Annual conference of COHSE. Mainly re integration of sexes in mental hospitals. 1965

Trades Union Congress (TUC)

The following files all relate to mental health:

MSS.292/140.1/2 Mental Health 1935-1939 Correspondence including with Dr. M. Rosenfield regarding clinics, 1935; rehabilitation, 1938-9. Memorandum on nervous diseases by J.W. Yorrell, 1937; Injury psychoneurosis, by E. Snowden.

MSS.292/841.18/5 Lunacy and Mental Disorder. 1923-1947 Correspondence including Royal Commission on Lunacy Reform; National Health insurance and insanity; resolutions; enquiries, etc. Documents including reports, memoranda, etc. 'NAWU' Magazine, volume 12, no.5, May 1923.

MSS.292/847.38/1 Mental Hospitals and Mental Health. 1949-1957 Correspondence including concern at people being improperly certified due to the lack of other available accommodation; 1951 Congress Resolution on the Mental Deficiency Laws; Royal Commission on the Laws relating to Mental Illness; conditions in mental hospitals. Documents including reports, memoranda, evidence to the Royal Commission.

MSS.292/673.14/9 1937-1959. Correspondence regarding mental nurses; including conditions; enquiries; resolutions; title of mental nurse. Documents including reports and memoranda. Psychiatric nursing: today and tomorrow, report to Ministry of Health, 1968; Lord Latham and mental nurses, by George Gibson, 1942; The work of the mental nurse, Manchester Mental Nursing Survey, 1955.

MSS.292/825.4/1 Backward and Handicapped Children. Correspondence regarding the physically and mentally disabled; including concern at welfare and education provisions; resolutions. Documents including reports, memoranda, press-cuttings. 1953-1960

MSS.292/826.39/2 1925-1959 Juvenile Delinquency. Correspondence including Borstal Institution, Portland; 1947 Congress Resolution on psychiatric examination of juvenile delinquents and subsequent discussions with the Home Secretary. Documents include various reports, memoranda, etc., and date from 1925-49, 1959. 'The problem girl', British Medical Association report.

National Union of Teachers

This collection contains a number of items relating to mental health issues, including:

MSS.179/EDU/3/11/1309 London Teachers' Association conference resolutions. Includes resolutions on the status of junior and senior schools, reduction in the size of classes, maintenance grants, appointment of assistant teachers, appointment of head teachers, reporting of mental deficiency, and staffing of nursery schools. 1929

MSS.179/EDU/3/11/2308A Royal Commission on the Law Relating To Mental Illness and Deficiency. 1954 – 1955 3 files

MSS.179/EDU/3/11/2461A Medical examination of teachers. Alterations to Ministry of Education circular on x-ray examination of the chest for entrants to teacher training; revision of Notes of Guidance on Medical Standards for entrants to the teaching profession; definition of mental disorders. 1951 - 1962

MSS.179/EDU/3/12/32 NUT Evidence to the Royal Commission on the Penal System in England and Wales. 1964-1965. NUT memorandum of evidence; members' replies to a circular on which the memorandum was partially based; copies of earlier NUT statements on young offenders and related issues; publications on the ascertainment of educationally subnormal children and the education of maladjusted children; Board of Education Memorandum on Juvenile Delinquency (1949); 'Report of a Committee to Review Punishments in Prisons, Borstal Institutions, Approved Schools and Remand Homes' (1951).


Papers of Alan Cohen, psychiatric social worker

5 boxes of papers, reports, publications on mental health, social work training and family services.

Dame Eileen Louise Younghusband (1902-1981), welfare worker

Dame Eileen Younghusband pioneered social work training in the UK and overseas. Her archive includes many files on the family and children affected by mental illness and neglect, juvenile delinquency, adoption and poverty.

MSS.463/EY/A6 18. "Learning Difficulties in Deprived Children" Pringle and Bossio, speech at British Association Meeting 1957 (12pp); 19. "Our Children" City of Manchester Children's Committee A.R. 1958 (printed 76pp); 20. "When Children Must Be Committed" A. Kahn 1960 (dup 60pp); 21. "Remedial Education An Experiment" by Kellmer Pringle and B. Sutcliffe 1960 (36pp);

MSS.463/EY/A12 12. "The Problem Girl" Joint Committee of the BMA and Magistrates Association 1947 (15pp) 18. "Low Intelligence and Delinquency" M. Woodward 1955 (24pp)

MSS.463/EY/F11 Services for the Mentally Subnormal - Proposed Studies in Co-operation. July 1968

MSS.463/EY/G5 1. Extract from "Mental Hygiene and Social Work of the Future" from Public Lectures in Birmingham University by C. Brown 1935

MSS.463/EY/F1 Social Work: Medical "Mental Health" 1. "The Psycho-Pathology of Prostitution" 1943 (16pp); 2. "The Social and Legal Aspects of Sexual Abnormality" 1947 (17pp); 3. "Mental Health and World Citizenship" 1948 (47pp); 4. "Development and Work 1946-1950" 1950 (31pp); 5. "The British Journal of Delinquency" 1951 (114pp); 6. "Social Work in the Mental Health Field in the United Kingdom" 1953 (9pp); 7. "Preventive Mental Health in the Maternity and Child Welfare Service" 1954 (5pp); 8. "Integration and Conflict in Family Behaviour" 1954 (24pp); 9. "Opportunities for Guidance in Early Years" 1955 (4pp); 10. "The Social and Psychological Backgrounds of Tuberculous Children" 1955 (12pp); 11. "Report of the Committee on Maladjusted Children" HMSO 1955 (180pp); 12. "The Practice of Mental Health in Maternity and Child Welfare" 1956 (3pp); 13. Newspaper clippings, draft - "Mental Health, the Study of" by R.D. Laing, 6 one page pamphlets on Mental Health, Working Paper, Mental Health Act 1959, Seminar Papers, French Conference Report 1961, World Federation for Mental Health Annual Meeting 1960-61, Assignment Report on Mental Health in Thailand 1959, 1957-1968 (c.300pp); 14. "Report on Psychiatric Residential Weekend Study Courses" 1957 (6pp); 15. "Neuroticism in Children" 1957 (10pp); 16. "Social Status After 5 Years in a Mental Hospital" 1957 (6pp); 17. "House of Commons: Parliamentary Debates" HMSO 1957 (190pp); 18. "Report: Royal Commission on the Law Relating to Mental Illness and Mental Deficiency 1954-1957" HMSO 1957 (328pp); 19. "Identity" 1957 (46pp); 20. “Treatment of the Psycopath" 1958; 21. "Mental Health Aspects of Public Health" 1958 (11pp); 22. 'Mental Health Bill" HMSO 1958 (148pp); 23. "House of Lords: Parliamentary Debates" HMSO 1958 (40pp); 24. "Mental Health in the Light of Ancient Wisdom" 1958 (24pp); 25. "Mental Health Services" 1959 (6pp); 26. "Mental Health Services" 1959 (7pp); 27. “Truancy or School Phobia" 1959 (40pp); 28. "Report for the three Years October 1956 to September 1959” Paper 1960 (22pp); 29. “Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry" various reports July 1957 - Oct 1960 (11 vols); 30. "Mental Health and Family Life" 1960 (85pp); 31. "Paces Documentaires" 1960 (64pp); 32. "Emotional Aspects of School Desegregation" 1960 (48pp); 33. "Evolution of Mental Health Programme in Taiwan" 1961 (11pp); 34. "World Health" July-Aug 1961 (36pp); 35. "Revue de Psychiatrie de L'enfant 1961" 1961 (39pp); 36. "Results of Family Orientated Therapy with Hospitalized Schizophrenics" 1965 (10pp); 37. "The Families of Schizophrenic Patients" 1967 (39pp); 38. Mind Out Another Door Has Opened" n.d (16pp); 39. "Health Congress Blackpool 1961" n.d (15pp); 40. "Report for the 4 Years October 1956 to September 1960 n.d (33pp); 41. "Perspectives in the Teaching of Psychiatry" nd (36pp); 42. "Some Causes of Difficult Behaviour in Children" n.d (17pp); 43. "Report 1956-1958" n.d (59pp).

Lady Allen of Hurtwood

From the 1940s onwards, Lady Allen became increasingly interested in child welfare. Her campaigning focused on the plight of children in institutions and the inner-cities.

MSS.121/NS/5/4/2 Mental hygiene in the nursery school'. Report of World Health Organization (WHO) - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) expert meeting, Paris. 1951

MSS.121/CC/5/35 Children without homes' by Ruth Thomas. 1946

Howard League for Penal Reform

MSS.16C/3/MH/1-19 Original file relating to mental health in prisons. Includes: draft and final questionnaire; 3 completed questionnaires; Belgian paper compiled by Dr Alexander, Director of Penal Anthropology Service; letter from Hermann Mannheim, referring to paper by Dr T C N Gibbons; National Association for Mental Health (NAMH) relating to electro-encephalograph. 1948

MSS.16C/5/O/49 Eleanor T Glueck, 'Mental retardation and juvenile delinquency'.1935

National Institute for Social Work (NISW)

MSS.463/box 96 Organizational Structure and Care in Institutions for the Retarded' – final report, with letter, 1975 (?).

Other archive collections.

MSS.119/4/5 'Legal responsibility and mental deficiency', published by Central Association for Mental Welfare. 1924MSS.233/3/5/2 Typescript drafts of "Are we hanging lunatics?"by Samuel Leff, MD, DPH, barrister-at-law, 1954, possibly written with the assistance of Michaelson; typescript draft of an untitled article also about the insanity defence and capital punishment

MSS.209/21/3/998 "Happiness is their tutor": visit to new school for mentally defective and sub-normal children in Manchester ('Daily Herald') In folder MSS.209/21/3, which should be ordered as a whole.

MSS.126/TG/RES/X/1011A/1-3 Re-organisation and the Retarded Child', by E O Lewis, 8pp pamphlet, 1931