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Association of Correctors of the Press

The London Association of Correctors of the Press was established in 1854 to cater for correctors of the press or readers (i.e. newspaper proofreaders) working within fifteen miles of the London General Post Office. It dropped the "London" prefix in 1908, but continued to operate only in the London area. In 1965 it merged with the National Graphical Association (NGA).

The Modern Records Centre holds the union's annual reports, 1880-1960 (MSS.28/AC/4/1/1-15), from which all the following information is taken.

Full membership lists

The annual reports contain full lists of all members from 1881 to 1906, with name, year of entry and employer.

Deceased members

Until the opening years of the 20th century the union was small enough that most deceased members were given a full obituary. From 1895 the annual reports also include formal lists of deaths, with name, age, date of joining, date and cause of death.

Deaths of members' wives are also listed from 1914, but these only include the member's name and date of joining, with no details of the wife herself.

Superannuated members

From 1916 the annual reports contain lists of superannuated (pensioned) members, with name, age, date of joining and date of superannuation.

War service

The 1915, 1916 and 1917 annual reports (MSS.28/AC/4/1/10) contain lists of members currently on active service with HM Forces. The 1918 annual report (MSS.28/AC/4/1/10) contains a list of the members who were killed in action in the First World War, with name, rank, regiment, corps or service and date of death.

The annual reports for 1942 to 1945 (MSS.28/AC/4/1/13) contain lists of members killed in the Second World War, including those who died in air raids, with name, service (if in HM Forces) and cause of death. Each list includes all those killed so far in the war, so the 1945 list is presumably complete.