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Monotype Casters and Typefounders' Society: Edinburgh Chapel

The Amalgamated Typefounders' Trade Society was established in 1889 and changed its name to the Monotype Casters and Typefounders' Society in 1937. It catered for monotype caster operatives, other typecaster operatives and workers in any branch of the typefounding industry. In 1962 it merged with the National Union of Printing, Bookbinding and Paper Workers.

The Modern Records Centre holds the accounts book of the Edinburgh Chapel (MSS.39/NAT/TF/6/EC/1). This was established on 1 April 1935 and replaced the Edinburgh Branch, which had been founded in May 1920 and wound up on 30 March 1935. It includes a list of all the members on the Chapel's foundation in 1935, their address and the date they joined the former Edinburgh Branch. If they were superannuated (retired) before 1943, then the date is also listed. The volume then lists the names of members (but no further information) every year until 1943. Members who were on active service during the Second World War are marked with "OHMS".

Note that the Modern Records Centre does not hold any other records of the Society.