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Feminism, race and racism


MRC archive collections include a relatively small amount of material relating to campaign groups and individual activism of women of colour. In addition to the items listed below, there will also be potentially relevant material included in archives relating more generally to feminism or campaigns against racism, and in documents relating to the experiences of women of colour in employment, the health services, trade unions and the arts.

= This symbol after a link means that it links to catalogue descriptions of the documents (including the reference numbers which will help you to order up the original documents at the MRC).

All of the material listed below is in copyright, so in most cases we are unable to publish digital copies online. Researchers are welcome to look at the original documents in the MRC reading room.

Selected sources:

'Freedom and black women', 1972Link opens in a new window 

Article in 'Black Voice', newspaper of the Black Unity and Freedom Party (a British Black Power group).

'Black women's struggle for equality', 1976Link opens in a new window

Pamphlet by Willie Mae Reid, a political campaigner who ran as the Socialist Workers Party candidate for Mayor of Chicago in 1975.

'Southall Black Sisters Newsletter', undated [late 1970s / early 1980s]Link opens in a new window

Newsletter of SBS, formed in 1979.

'Against the Grain: Southall Black Sisters 1979-1989'Link opens in a new window

10th anniversary book produced as a "celebration of survival and struggle"

'Black Women and Abortion', 1979Link opens in a new window

Leaflet produced by the Black Women's Group, Brixton.

'Shakti', 1982Link opens in a new window

Short interview with Jayaben Desai, leader of the 1976-8 Grunwick strike (by mostly South Asian women), in the journal of the National Association for Asian Youth. It refers to her as both a symbol of "militant womanhood" and appearing as a "traditional, conservative figure".

'Brickbats and Bouquets - Black Woman's Critique Literature Theatre Film', 1984Link opens in a new window

Collection of reviews of plays, films, books and cultural events produced by Black artists, written by Akua Rugg and published in 'Race Today', between 1974-1986.

'Making Voices Heard', 1993Link opens in a new window

Report of the All Wales Black and Ethnic Minority Women's Conference, included in the archive of the Equal Opportunities Commission.


Covers of magazine 'Black Power Speaks', 1968

Covers of British Black Power magazine 'Black Power Speaks', 1968Link opens in a new window.