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Past Events

Seminar Series 2015/16

Kate Retford (Birkbeck, University of London) 'Light Incidents': Humour and the Conversation Piece in Eighteenth-Century England

Paul Monod (Middlebury College) The Occult Revival in late 18th-Century England

David Taylor (University of Warwick) 'Looking, Literacy, and the Printshop Window'

Penelope Corfield (Royal Holloway, University of London) 'Lauding Merit over Birth: Intimations of a Coming Meritocracy, 1700-1830'

Sarah Easterby-Smith (St Andrews) 'The Emperor’s New Cloves: Tipu Sultan, French botany, and empire in 1788' a joint seminar with the Global History & Culture Centre

Farid Azfar (Swarthmore College) The Golden Age of the Assiento

Keith Baker(Stanford University) Jean-Paul Marat: Prophet of Terror

Seminar Series 2014/15

Silvia Sebastiani (EHESS, Paris): 'Orangutans and Black Slaves in Global Perspective: Challenging the Boundaries of Humankind at the End of the 18th Century', joint seminar with the Global History & Culture Centre

William Doyle (University of Bristol): ‘Thinking about the Ancien Regime’

Melodee Beals (Sheffield Hallam): ‘Mennon and McGillivray: Scotland and the North American Frontier (1790-1810), in association with Teaching Digital Humanities at IATL

David Bell (Princeton University): ‘Mr Boswell Goes to Corsica: Charismatic Authority in the Age of Revolutions’

John Morgan and Sara Miglietti (Warwick): ‘Flooding and Politics in Early Modern England’ and ‘Changing Place, Changing Man: Climate Theory and 'Human Engineering' in the Early Modern Period’

Giorgio Riello (Warwick): ‘With Great Pomp and Magnificence: Royal Gifts and the Embassies between Siam and France in the 1680s’

Antoine Lilti (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales): ‘The Origins of 'Célébrité' (1750-1850)’

Charlotte Roberts (UCL): ‘Sympathy at the End of History: Edward Gibbon and his Romantic Legacy’

Elodie Duché (Warwick): ‘Brahmins, Brothers or Lovers? British prisoners of war and their contacts with Napoleonic France’

Margot Finn (UCL): ‘Harem Histories & Princely Politics: Tipu Sultan (the Family & East India Company Rule’

Tita Chico (University of Maryland): ‘Experimentalism: Literary Knowledge and Science in Eighteenth-Century Britain’

Michael Bycroft (Warwick): ‘Alchemy, Art and Electricity: Gems at the Académie Royale des Sciences c.1700-1750’

Jim Livesey (University of Dundee): ‘The Global History of la France profonde: Languedoc in the Eighteenth Century’


Seminar Series 2013/14

17 October 2013 The Emotional History of Maximilien Robespierre, 1758-94, Peter McPhee (University of Melbourne)

24 October 2013 Money, History and the French Revolution, Rebecca Spang (University of Indiana)

14 November 2013 Savages and the 'natural' diet in eighteenth-century France, Emma Spary (University of Cambridge)

21 November 2013 Who was the real faux dévot? Hypocrisy and lust in Louis XIV's France, Julia Prest (University of Saint Andrews)

28 November 2013 The present restraint cannot absolutely stop this Evil, yet it puts a great Curb upon it¹: Licensing and censorship in England in the 1690s,

Alex Barber (University of Durham) (co-sponsored with the Early Modern Centre)

23 January 2014 Le Commerce du monde: Multiple Conversions of Credit in Eighteenth-century France, Clare Haru Crowston (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

30 January 2014 Learning the Language of Revolution: France's Chambers of Commerce, Economic Lobbying, and the Question of Slavery, 1789-1791,
Lauren Clay (Vanderbilt University)

6 February 2014 Edmund Burke and the French Revolution before the Reflections, Richard Bourke (Queen Mary, University of London)

27 February 2014 The Terror in Images: collecting and memorializing the French Revolution, Tom Stammers (University of Durham)

6 March 2014 The Scribbler and the Doctor: Daniel Defoe's Longest Way with Henry Sacheverell, Brian Cowan (McGill University) (co-sponsored with the Early Modern Seminar)

8 May 2014 An eighteenth-century international job market : the circulation of French actors in Europe, Rahul Markovitz (École Normale Supérieure, Paris)

15 May 2014 In Defense of Positivism, Julia Douthwaite (University of Notre Dame)

Seminar Series 2012/13

Tuesday 9th October- ' Going Forth & Multiplying: Animal Acclimatization and Invasion in the 19th Century'

Joint seminar with History of Medicine- Professor Harriet Ritvo (Masachussetts)

Thursday 18th October- 'An Empire of Liberty: the Spanish Town Affair 1754-8'

Joint seminar with Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies- Dr Perry Gauci (Oxford)


Seminar Series 2011/12

13 October 2011- 'Enlightenment & Empire', Richard Whatmore (Sussex University)

22 November 2011- 'Defining Corruption', Mark Philp (Oxford)

24 November 2011- 'A Tale of an Upstart: William Hutton of Birmingham 1723-1815', Susan Whyman

1 December 2011-'The money I had, I got some of it by work and some of it by gentlemen that gave it to me' Provincial Prostitution and Casual Employment in Port Cities in the Eighteenth Century, Maria Pluskota (Leicester)

19 December 2011 -'Are Americans paranoid?: Global Conspiracy (1797-98) and the Crisis of the Cultural Capital' Steve Shapiro (Warwick)

1st February 2012- Visual Cultures Workshop with Professor Dror Wahrman (Indiana), Dr Hanneke Grootenboer (Oxford), Dr Rosie Dias (Warwick) was held See flyer here.

9 Feb 2012- 'Paddy in London: Staging the Irish in the 18th Century', David O'Shaughnessy (Warwick)

1 March 2012- 'Café or Coffeehouse? Transnational Histories of Coffee and Sociability', Joint meeting with Global Seminar- Brian Cowan (McGill)

6-9 March 2012, Gillian Russell (Australian National University)- visting IAS Fellow, sponsored by the C18th Centre with the following sessions:

Botany Bay Theatricals: Theatre History and the Imagining of Australia, 1796-2011’ [6 March, public lecture, 5 for 5.30, Capital Centre, Milburn House]Colloquium for Warwick staff, PhD students and postdocs in the Wolfson Research Exchange 'Revolutionary Drama' [8 March] Wolfson Research Exchange, Seminar Room 1, Library, 1-4pm.'Romantic Public Cultures' workshop [9 March]

8 May 2012- 'African geography on the cusp of modernity: from Ptolemy to Park'- David Lambert (Warwick)-joint venture with Early Modern Seminar Series

17 May 2012- Collaborative workshop with Birmingham's Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies on 'Clubs and Societies'

Seminar Series 2010/11

A series of Mellon workshops, 'Connections, Convergences and Disjuncture - the Joint Histories of Seventeenth-Century and Eighteenth Century England/Britain and English/British America, 1650-1750', took place on 5th November 2010, 25th March 2011, and 10th-23rd July 2011. The overall aim of the series of workshops was to arrive at a genuine collaboration between established scholars and postgraduates/early postdoctoral researchers in late seventeenth and early eighteenth century English/British and British American history. The workshops will explore how Early Modern English, British and British American history can be reunited.

Seminar Series 2009/10

22nd October 2009, 'American Exceptionalism, American Imperialism: The Imperial Turn in Early American History', Professor Trevor Bernard (Warwick)

19th November 2009, '"The Nature and Role of Traders": Letters in the Long Eighteenth Century', Professor Pat Hudson (Cardiff)

21st January 2010, joint session with the Early Modern Seminar, 'The Cult of Seduction: Lust and Gender in English Culture 1600-1800', Dr Fara Dabhiowala (Oxford)

4th February 2010, 'Revolutionaries in Paris: Paine and Jefferson, 1787-1792', Professor Mark Philp (Oxford)

4th March 2010, visiting IAS Fellow seminar, 'The First Knowledge Economy: How Technological Change and Economic Development in the British Coal Industry Happened', Professor Margaret Jacob (UCLA)

13th May 2010, visiting IAS Fellow seminar and a joint session with the Global History Seminar followed by a drinks reception, 'Travels into Print: Writing Exploration c.1780-1850', Professor Charles Withers (Edinburgh)

Seminar Series 2006/07

11th October 2006, 'The sex of human capital: skill and women's occupations in 18th-century London', Dr Amy Erickson (Cambridge)

25th October 2006, 'Silk-making: A Domain of Women', Dr Claudio Zanier (Pisa, EHESS, Paris)

22nd November 2006, special departmental seminar, 'In search of selfhood: Mass-Observation diarists and the meaning of life', Professor James Hinton (Warwick)

6th December 2006, 'Lucky Lottery Tickets: Calculating and Conjuring in Eighteenth-Century England', Dr Natasha Glaisyer (York)

17th January 2007, 'Newton on the beach - the global information order of Principia Mathematica', Dr Simon Schaffer (Cambridge)

31st January 2007, 'Pre-modern Economics: The logic of the Indian economy in the 18th Century', Dr David Washbrook (Oxford)

28th February 2007, 'Redisplaying the Ceramic Collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum', Dr Hilary Young (V&A)

14th March 2007, '"Outline maps of knowledge": John Aikin's geographical imagination', Professor Stephen Daniels (Nottingham/ AHRC Landscape Programme)

2nd May 2007, Reading Group on Natalie Zemon Davis' Trickster Travels (2006), Professor William Gervase Clarence-Smith (SOAS, London)

Seminar Series 2005/06

5th October 2005, 'Lodging at the Old Bailey: Lodgings and their Furnishings in the 18th Century', Professor John Styles (Hertfordshire)

19th October 2005, 'Antoine Watteau’s Drawings of the Persian Embassy of 1715', Dr Alicia Weisberg-Roberts (Warwick)

21st October 2005, Field Trip to the Enlightenment Galleries at the British Museum and Sir John Soane’s Museum, London

16th November 2005, 'Liqueurs, luxury and chemical legitimacy in eighteenth-century Paris', Dr Emma Spary (Cambridge)

30th November 2005, 'Reading Group on Empire and Collecting' - a Discussion of Maya Jasanoff, 'Edge of Empire. Conquest and Collecting in the East 1750-1950' (Fourth Estate, London, 2005), Ms Sarah Easterby-Smith (Warwick)

11th January 2006, 'Specs and the Single Man: An Artisan Fashions Himself c. 1769', Dr Lawrence Klein (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)

25th January 2006, 'The international trade in velvets in India, Turkey, Iran and Italy, ca. 1590-1700', Rosemary Crill (V & A Museum)

22nd February 2006, 'Trompe-l'oeil and trauma: money and memory after the Terror', Dr Richard Taws (University College London)

8th March 2006, 'Perceptions of Rome on the Grand Tour', Dr Rosemary Sweet (University of Leicester)

Seminar Series 2004/05

6th October 2004, 'Historians and Exhibitions', a panel discussion led by Sir John Elliot and Dr Helen Clifford

20th October 2004, a trip to the 'Encounters' exhibition at the V&A

17th November 2004, 'Immoderate and Excessive Corrections: Manslaughter and the discipline of Servants in Late Eighteenth Century British India', Professor Sudipta Sen (University of California)

1st December 2004, 'Walking the Streets of Eighteenth Century London', Dr Giorgio Riello (LSE)

12th January 2005, 'British Trade with Spanish America 1763-1808: Routes, Vehicles, Value', Dr Adrian Pearce (Warwick)

26th January 2005, discussion on Margot Finn's publication 'The character of credit'

9th March 2005, a group discussion of Dror Warhman's 'The Making of the Modern Self' and John Brewer's 'A Sentimental Murder'

11th May 2005, a trip to Compton Verney