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Talks and Presentations

  • Podcasts on “Turbulence at the exascale” as part of the UK ExCALIBUR project (video)
  • Bridging the Complexity Gap in Exascale Simulation Software Development Through High-level Domain Specific Languages - Invited Talk at the Joint conference on Domain-Specific Languages in High-Performance Computing and Intelligent Sensor Data Analysis for Smart Systems, Esztergom Hungary (Oct 2020) - slides (video)
  • Where Domain Specific Abstractions are Delivering Portability and Performance - Invited Talk at the Centre for Computational Plasma Physics 2019 Symposium (1 July 2019) - slides
  • The Oxford Parallel Domain Specific Libraries for Performance Portable Application Development - Invited Talk at the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) All-hands Meeting (18th April 2018) - slides
  • Towards a Paradigm-shift in How we Develop Parallel High-Performance Computing Applications - Invited Talk at the Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick (3rd March 2016) - slides
  • High-level Abstractions for Performance, Portability and Continuity of Hydrocodes on Future Computing Systems - Many-Core seminar at the University of Oxford e-Research Centre (21st May 2014) - slides