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Samuel Maddock

About Me

I am a second-year PhD student supervised by Prof. Graham Cormode and Prof. Carsten Maple (WMG). Before starting my PhD I graduated with a first-class MEng in Discrete Mathematics here at the University of Warwick.

During the Summer of 2022, I was a research intern at Meta AI supervised by Pierre Stock and Alexandre Sablayrolles.

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of computer security, data privacy and machine learning. I am mainly interested in the area of privacy-preserving machine learning (PPML) which seeks to develop ML algorithms to learn privately and securely from data which is often highly distributed. This is a wide-area and includes topics such as Differential Privacy (DP), Federated Learning (FL) and Federated Analytics.




I am currently a teaching assistant for the following modules:


Office: MB 4.17


GitHub Profile