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C10 SciFest and C13 MCE joint staff training

C10 and C13 refer to two closely synchronised activities that take place at Joensuu in Finland in association with SciFest 2017 (which takes place from 11-13th May 2017). The overall context for this annual bi-meeting, as conceived in the original project proposal, was set out in the account of the C8-C12 events at SciFest that you can find here. The same broad principles still apply.

C10 Scifest 2017

C10 is a 'Blended mobility of young people' activity for which the participants are drawn from SciFest. It is not itself a funded activity, in that SciFest itself takes care of the organisation of the C10 learning activity to which CONSTRUIT! contributes. To provide support for the project members who attend SciFest to organise and run C10, there is an associated 'Short-term joint staff training event' C13. The main purpose of C13 is 'familiarisation with revised MC resources' that have been under development through the implementation activity O1/A14 indicated in the project timetable below. The transformed version of the CONSTRUIT! environment for making construals that has been developed by Nick Pope with the support of Jonny Foss since December 2016 will be a central focus of interest. C10 will take the form of a workshop-style activity that can put our current ideas re making construals to the test with school pupils (as last year, we're provisionally targeting age 10-15 and 15+). The workshop activities are scheduled for Thursday-Saturday May 11th-13th. At C13, we shall then review the matters arising in the light of feedback from C10 on Sunday and Monday 14-15th May. Topical issues for discussion at C13 relate to the current status and further development of the CONSTRUIT online course, how C10 and the preceding activity C16 in Athens in March-April can contribute to the evaluation activitiy O3/A3, Virtual Workshops and possible dissemination via IGGY. (Note that SciFest preceded our C14 meetings in Athens in year 1, but - as last year - the counterpart meetings this year will take place in the reverse order.)