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C3 Short-term joint staff training event

The C3 event (see the draft schedule) is one component of an end of year Transnational Project Meeting ("TPM3"/M3) to be held in Finland from September 11th-15th 2016.

The principal theme of C3, as set out in the project proposal (p.52) is "experiencing and reflecting on the practical progress on making construals over year 2". The context for C3 is described on p.40 of the project proposal: "The activities associated with the end of year TPM comprise a 'Short term joint staff training event' at which the results of the year's work are presented (C3), and reports (O2-A4, O3-A4) on the findings of the empirical studies that inform the intellectual outputs O2 and O3."

As is shown in the project timetable (where the TPMs are referenced as M1, M2 etc), C3/M3 is part of a bigger constellation of activities which includes reporting progress on the year 2 agenda and previewing the agenda for year 3 where the Intellectual Objective O1 of developing an open online course for making construals is concerned. These activities are referenced on p38 of the project proposal as O1-A13 ("Reporting on MC2a and MC2b from pedagogy and technology perspectives") and O1-A14 ("Reviewing the third component of the resources for 'making construals' (MC3a and MC3b) in conjunction with preparing a review of existing resources for distribution to the partners").

In summary, the agenda for C3/M3 will have the following components:

  • a review of what has happened in CONSTRUIT! so far (to include reports on progress towards the Intellectual Objectives O1, O2 and O3).
  • an introduction to topics that will underpin the activities in year 3 (for which the key themes are the special qualities of construals as OERs and their topicality in relation to contemporary computing applications) - to include a review of pre-existing resources relating to these themes.
  • discussion of strategic, management and implementation issues going forward.
  • activities that will help to assess progress towards the project goals and to provoke thinking about construals and their potential applications.