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Agenda items for Wednesday - Thursday 14-15 Sept

  • JS-Eden and conceptual forms of state-as-experienced: Nick 'JS-Eden2' / interface / repository
  • Sketching out the OOC: Hamish and Elizabeth
  • MCE + examples curated and presented (Ilkka)
  • Charles Crook's Factor Snake variations (Elizabeth)
  • Papert's family of artefacts for the rolling penny
  • MCE + Taccle3 OERs for computing teaching across Europe / CAS repository (see below)
  • Greek version of JS-Eden (work-in-progress)
  • Adding grid to JS-Eden (cf. Pola's request) - work-in-progress
  • MCE + Arduino integrated
  • Introductory text on live project content
  • Wikipedia EM entry
  • Construal of mechanisms: Meetings/escapement
  • What for teachers? OER corral / Michal's 'seed construal-building example'
  • Jonny Foss video:
  • Jonny Foss introductory presentation: project jf/pgatel/onlineactivity5c in MCE repository (minimise the Script View and the Canvas Picture to access the worksheet -- recall the Canvas to study the Solar System model)
  • Responding to our first Facebook enquiry ...
  • Markku and BASSET - a structured spreadsheet experimental tool 

Inventory comprising some useful / interesting construals

CAS repository

  • Sorting
  • Conway's Life
  • Solar System and BBC Basic
  • Discussion on Are you Ready?
  • Discussion on Organising the CAS repository
  • Peter Kemp and the A-level wiki / Maths for REs: Set Theory example