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  Name Description File Size Last Editor Last Updated
PDF document carters_thesis.pdf Entire thesis in PDF format (2.0 MB) 30/11/06
File Entire thesis in tar, gzipped PostScript (2.4 MB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap1.pdf Introduction - An introduction to the entire thesis (163 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap2.pdf Empirical Modelling with and for Geometry - the background to empirical modelling and relevant geometry modelling, and an introduction to the philosophy behind the approach (380 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap3.pdf Technical Issues - The technical issues raised by the combination of empirical modelling and conceptual shape modelling. The chapter ends with a description of the serialised data type concept (282 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap4.pdf The DM Model - A mathematical formulation of dependency maintenance (306 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap5.pdf The DAM Machine - The Definitive Assembly Maintainer Machine is a machine code implementation of the DM Model (306 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap6.pdf The JaM Machine API - A Java based implementation of the DM model as an API (356 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap7.pdf Introducing Empirical Worlds - Introducing a geometric modelling program that integrates VRML, empirical modelling and the function representation of shape (453 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap8.pdf Advanced Topics in Empirical Worlds - Skeletal based shape, polyigonalisation, implementation and a case study of the tool in use (543 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document chap9.pdf Conclusions and Further Work - Summary of work in the thesis and progress made towards the goals given in Chapter 1 (215 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document appbib.pdf Bibliography (121 KB) 30/11/06