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Files for download

  Name Description File Size Last Editor Last Updated
PDF document outline.pdf Outline (including cover page, table of contents, lists of tables and figures, abstract, abbreviations etc). (62 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document thesis-main.pdf Main thesis content (1.1 MB) 30/11/06
PDF document biblio.pdf Bibliography (72 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document appenda.pdf Appendix A: Constructing a simple clock model with definitive scripts. Note by Meurig Beynon (52 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document appendb.pdf Appendix B: Extracts of definitive scripts for timetabling model by EM group members (44 KB) 30/11/06
PDF document appendc.pdf Appendix C: Definitive scripts for Restaurant Management Model Developed by C. Roe and modified by T. Heron (204 KB) 30/11/06