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Henry Sinclair-Banks


My research interests are currently related to Automata, Complexity, and Logic and widely speaking my interests stem from the Foundations of Computer Science. In particular determining the complexity of decision problems on counter systems such as (compressed) membership and universality for succinct unary One Counter Nets and cover/reach-ability in two dimensional Vector Addition Systems with States with mixed encodings.


Key: A = Attendee, R = Reviewer, V = Volunteer.


Please see my presentations for more current detail on my research.


No publications have been completed yet.


Current Roles

Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant

Previous Roles

Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant

DCS UG SSLC 2020/21 Teaching Award

Henry Sinclair-Banks's Profile Headshot

Henry Sinclair-Banks

Department of Computer Science,
University of Warwick,
Coventry, CV4 7AL.