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Professor Clare Lyonette - Research projects



  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and employment after leaving the UK Armed Forces. With Sally-Anne Barnes, David Owen and Erika Kispeter. Funded by Forces in Mind Trust. Project Start Date: 01/11/2018 - Project End Date: 31/10/2019 [details]
  • What motivates employers to offer family-friendly policies? With Beate Baldauf. Funded by the Government Equalities Office. Project start date: 18/06/2018 - Project End Date: 25/06/2018 [details]


  • Barriers to military spousal employment research project. With Sally-Anne Barnes and Erika Kispeter. Funded by Army Families Federation. Project Start Date: 08/01/2017 - Project End Date: 07/11/2018 [details]. Link to report.
  • Research into the educational psychology workforce in England. With David Owen, Beate Baldauf, Gaby Atfield and Michael Orton. Funded by Department for Education. Project Start Date: 18/06/2018 - Project End Date: 17/10/2018. [details].
  • Self-Employment and the Armed Forces Community. With Sally-Anne Barnes and David Owen. Funded by Forces in Mind Trust. Project Start date: 01/12/16 - Project End date: 30/07/2018 [details]


  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: Sector analysis of the employment outcomes of graduates. With Beate Baldauf and Wil Hunt. Funded by the British Academy. Project start date: 03/2017 - 06/2017.


  • Gearing Up for STEM: Skills STEM Strategy and Action Plan, Thames Valley Berkshire. With Daria Luchinskaya, Deirdre Hughes and Olga Siemers. Funded by Adviza. Project Start Date: 01/12/2016 - Project End Date: 31/03/2018 [details]
  • Comparing military careers with those in industry. With Dr Sally-Anne Barnes. Funded by Ministry of Defence. Project Start Date 01/10/2015 - Project End Date19/06/2016 [details]
  • Research to Support the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Review of destinations and outcomes data: Richer information on student views. With Gaby Atfield and Sally-Anne Barnes. Funded by HESA. Project start date: 05/2016-07/2016.


  • Balance Network: ‘Work-Life Balance’ in the Digital Age. With Sally-Anne Barnes and Chris Warhurst. Funded by the EPSRC. Project Start Date: 01/11/2015 - spring 2016 [details]
  • High-level Analysis of the Dynamics of the Community Optical workforce. With Beate Baldauf. Funded by Federation of Opticians. Project Start Date: 14/12/15 - Project End Date: 18/03/2016
  • Work-life Balance in the Armed Forces. With Maria de Hoyos Guajardo, Sally-Anne Barnes. Funded by Ministry of Defence (Via Qinetiq). Project Start Date: 01/08/2014 - Project End Date: 31/05/15 [details]
  • Evaluating the impact of higher education providers employability measures. With Terence Hogarth and Lynn Gambin. Funded by Quality Assurance Agency Higher Education (QAA). Project Start Date:01/06/2014 - Project End Date: 06/03/2015 [details]
  • The International Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate (IBCC): Students Experiences, Post-Secondary Destinations and Outcomes with Heike Behle, Milena Kremakova, Funded by: International Baccalaureate, Project Start Date 18-08-2014 - Project End Date 31-07-2015


  • The impact of changes to teachers pay on equality in schools in England, with David Owen, Clare Lyonette and Sally-Anne Barnes. Funded by: National Association of School Masters and Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), Project Start Date: 30/09/2014 Project End Date: 29/05/2015 [details]
  • Tracking student mothers higher education participation and early career outcomes over time: initial choices and aspirations, HE experiences and final career destinations. with Heike Behle, Gabriel Atfield, Funded by: Nuffield Foundation, Project Start Date 01-06-2013 - Project End Date 31-05-2014 More details


  • Research to assess the likely impact of employer-funded models on employer engagement in apprenticeships with Terence Hogarth, Lynn Gambin, Funded by: Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Project Start Date 15-04-2013 - Project End Date 02-12-2013
  • Alumni destination catalogue with Heike Behle, Gabriel Atfield, Beate Baldauf, Funded by: Irish Research Council, Project Start Date 24-06-2013 - Project End Date 21-10-2013
  • Strategic Labour Market Intelligence: Supply of and demand for high level STEM skills with Rob Wilson, Gabriel Atfield, Funded by: UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), Project Start Date 07-12-2012 - Project End Date 31-05-2013
  • Advanced and Higher Level Apprenticeships Study in Worcester with Lynn Gambin, Funded by: Worcestershire County Council, Project Start Date 25-01-2013 - Project End Date 08-03-2013 [details]


  • Data analysis on women in the labour market with David Owen, Duncan Adam, Funded by: The Fawcett Society, Project Start Date 24-07-2012 - Project End Date 30-08-2012 [details]
  • Evaluation of apprenticeships in Telefonica with Terence Hogarth, Lynn Gambin, Funded by: Telefonica, Project Start Date 12-12-2011 - Project End Date 29-02-2012 [details]


  • Buckinghamshire Skills Study with Anne Green, Terence Hogarth, David Owen, Funded by: Buckinghamshire Business First, Project Start Date 19-09-2011 - Project End Date 30-12-2011
  • Employer Investment in Apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning with Terence Hogarth, Lynn Gambin, Beate Baldauf, Funded by: Skills Funding Agency, Project Start Date 07-02-2011 - Project End Date 30-06-2011
  • Working Time Arrangements and Work-Life Balance Funded by: International Labour Organization, Project Start Date 17-01-2011 - Project End Date 15-04-2011
  • Pathfinder Brazil India - Assessing the impact of higher education expansion on economic restructuring, occupational change and access to opportunities in Brazil and India with Kate Purcell, Ritva Ellison, Funded by: ESRC, Project Start Date 01-02-2010 - Project End Date 31-01-2011


  • Improving Understanding of Quality Part-time Work: Definitions and What works with Heike Behle, Maria DeHoyosGuajardo, Beate Baldauf, Anne Green, Funded by: Government Equalities Office, Project Start Date 01-08-2009 - Project End Date 31-03-2010