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Charikleia (Charoula) Tzanakou

tzanakou-charoula.jpgCharoula Tzanakou joined the Institute in 2008 and was awarded her PhD in Employment Research in 2012. Since completing her doctorate she has been employed as a Research Fellow in the University of Warwick on a range of ESRC and EC-funded research projects - (profile).

Prior to her studies in IER, she completed her Bachelor degree in International and European Economic Studies at Athens University of Economics and Business. During and after completing her Master degree in European Institutions and Policy making at Lancaster University, she worked in the European University Association for two years. Charoula has thus cultivated an interest in the affairs of EU policies and especially about the synergies between research and education and the links with the labour market. She has worked on various European projects (Trends V, LLUP-Masters Project, Trends 2010) related to higher education issues in European Universities. She also worked as a Research Assistant in IER whilst undertaking her doctoral studies at the University of Warwick.
In her doctoral thesis, she explores the career paths of Greek doctoral graduates in Science and Engineering and their integration patterns to the Greek labour market. She has a particular interest in the role that doctoral studies could play in the knowledge-based economy and policies associated with that potential.

Research Interests:

Doctoral education and labour market outcomes, career paths, EU social policy, EU higher education and research policy.

Research projects
  • Purcell K, Elias P, Lyonette C, Tzanakou C (2010) ‘Research Degree Holders in the Longitudinal Survey of the Destinations of 2004/05 Leavers from Higher Education: Survey Validation L-DLHE Non-respondent Survey and Qualitative Follow-up Pilot Interviews’ (report to RCUK)

  • Purcell, K., Elias, P., Atfield, G., Behle, H. and Ellison, R. with Hughes, C., Livanos, I. and Tzanakou, C. (2009) 'Plans, aspirations and realities: taking stock of higher education and career choices one year on', Findings from the Second Futuretrack Survey of 2006 applicants for UK Higher Education [Report]

  • Purcell, K., Elias, P. and Tzanakou, C. (2008) Doctoral Career Pathways, Skills and Training: Options analysis for the collection of information about the early careers of UK Doctoral Graduates. Swindon: RCUK
  • ‘National Rectors’ Conferences Booklet: Structures and Organization of the National Higher Education Systems in Europe’ (2007) by Charoula Tzanakou and Annamaria Trusso (ed.), Bologna Handbook, RAABE Publ.

She has been a tutor in Quantitative Analysis of Management, Critical Issues in Law and Management and Global Integrative Project for Warwick Business School (WBS)


Charoula Tzanakou 2010Where do they go?

Charoula was the Faculty of Social Sciences Postgraduate Research Poster winner in 2010. Charoula’s poster presentation, entitled ‘Where do they go?’, is based on her doctoral research. Her research is exploring the early career paths of Greek natural sciences and engineering PhD graduates, who have been educated in Greek and UK universities.

Download full-sized poster (pdf)