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Job Quality; Fair, Decent & Good Work


Job quality matters. It effects worker wellbeing, firm performance and national competitiveness. It varies by occupation, industry and country, and there are strong moral and business cases for wanting job quality to be better overall.

IER has established an international reputation for its UK and international research on conceptualising, measuring and promoting job quality. This research is quantitative and qualitative and is intended to support government, employers and trade unions to better understand and improve job quality in all its expressions: ‘good work’, ‘fair work’ and ‘decent work’ for example.

Research areas

  • Improving job quality
  • Making bad jobs better
  • Measuring job quality
  • Trends in job quality
  • Working conditions

The role and impact of employment charters and procurement by subnational authorities to achieve good work standards; University of Warwick (2022 – 2023).

Responding to Metropolitan Combined Authorities skills and employment needs post Covid - ReWAGE subgroup; Warwick University’s Research & Impact Services; (2021 - 2022).

Improving UK job quality data – ReWAGE subgroup; Warwick University’s Research & Impact Services; (2021 - 2022)

Research to inform the development of an employment relations model in Northern Ireland; Labour Relations Agency (2020-2021).

Review of the Teaching of fair Work in Scottish Business Schools (with Glasgow University); University of Warwick Strategic Priorities Fund (2020).

Monitoring convergence in the dimension of Working Conditions; Eurofound (2019).

Quality of Jobs and Innovation Generated Employment Outcomes (QuInnE), H2020 EURO SOCIETY 2014, Topic: EURO 2 2014; European Commission (2015-2018).

Quality of Work and Productivity project; Carnegie UK Trust (2019).

Implementing the UK Government’s Taylor Review Recommendations on Job Quality; Warwick ESRC Impact Accelerator Account (2018).

Creating Decent Work (with Oxfam Scotland & University of West Scotland); ESRC Impact Accelerator (2015 – 2018).

Research on job quality and the purpose of work; CIPD (2017).

Investment in Workplace Technology; CIPD (2018).

Supporting the work of the Midlands Good Work Charter; Midlands ACAS (2020-21).

Monitoring convergence in the dimension of Working Conditions; Eurofound (2019).

Compilation of tasks data at the national level and support in the development and testing of a tasks questionnaire; European Commission, Joint Research Centre (2018-2019).

Global JOBS Project: Analysis of structural change of employment and job quality in Australia; Eurofound (2013-2015).