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Major Group 3: Technicians and Associate Professionals

31  Physical and engineering science associate professionals
    311 Physical and engineering science technicians
        3111    Chemical and physical science technicians
        3112    Civil engineering technicians
        3113    Electrical engineering technicians
        3114    Electronics and telecommunications engineering technicians
        3115    Mechanical engineering technicians
        3116    Chemical engineering technicians
        3117    Mining and metallurgical technicians
        3118    Draughtspersons
        3119    Physical and engineering science technicians not 
              elsewhere classified

    312 Computer associate professionals1,2
        3121    Computer assistants
        3122    Computer equipment operators
        3123    Industrial robot controllers

    313 Optical and electronic equipment operators
        3131    Photographers and image and sound recording equipment operators
        3132    Broadcasting and telecommunications equipment operators
        3133    Medical equipment operators
        3139    Optical and electronic equipment operators not elsewhere classified

    314 Ship and aircraft controllers and technicians
        3141    Ships' engineers
        3142    Ships' deck officers and pilots
        3143    Aircraft pilots and related associate professionals
        3144    Air traffic controllers
        3145    Air traffic safety technicians

    315 Safety and quality inspectors
        3151    Building and fire inspectors
        3152    Safety, health and quality inspectors

Definitional notes:

Technicians and associate professionals perform mostly technical and related tasks connected with research and the application of scientific and artistic concepts and operational methods, and government or business regulations, and teach at certain educational levels. Most occupations in this group require skills at the third ISCO level (education which begins at the age of 17 or 18 years and leads to an award not equivalent to a first university degree) (ILO, 1990; p.3 & 85).

1. If the job title and associated information on activities does not permit a clear distinction, additional information on a level of relevant qualifications or description of tasks may be used to allocate occupations to either minor group 312 (Computer associate professionals) or minor group 213 (computing professionals).

2. Unit groups 3121, 3122 and 3123 may be merged and described as unit group 3120 (Computer associate professionals, nothing otherwise specified).

32  Life science and health associate professionals
    321 Life science technicians and related associate professional
        3211    Life science technicians
        3212    Agronomy and forestry technicians
        3213    Farming and forestry advisers

    322 Health associate professionals (except nursing)
        3221    Medical assistants
        3222    Hygienists, health and environmental officers1
        3223    Dieticians and nutritionists
        3224    Optometrists and opticians
        3225    Dental assistants
        3226    Physiotherapists and related associate professionals
        3227    Veterinary assistants
        3228    Pharmaceutical assistants
        3229    Health associate professionals (except nursing) 
              not elsewhere classified

    323 Nursing and midwifery associate professionals2
        3231    Nursing associate professionals
        3232    Midwifery associate professionals

Definitional notes:

1. Change of name only.

2. See notes to minor group 223 (Nursing and midwifery professionals).

Note that ISCO-88 minor group 324 (Traditional medicine practitioners and faith healers) is not used. Such occupations (where separately identified in a national occupational classification) are classified to unit group 3229 (Health associate professionals not elsewhere classified).

33  Teaching associate professionals
    331 Primary education teaching associate professionals
        3310    Primary education teaching associate professionals

    332 Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals
        3320    Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals

    333 Special education teaching associate professionals
        3330    Special education teaching associate professionals

    334 Other teaching associate professionals
        3340    Other teaching associate professionals

Definitional notes:

See notes for sub-major group 23 (Teaching professionals).

34  Other associate professionals
    341 Finance and sales associate professionals
        3411    Securities and finance dealers and brokers
        3412    Insurance representatives
        3413    Estate agents
        3414    Travel consultants and organisers
        3415    Technical and commercial sales representatives
        3416    Buyers
        3417    Appraisers, valuers and auctioneers
        3419    Finance and sales associate professionals not elsewhere classified

    342 Business services agents and trade brokers
        3421    Trade brokers
        3422    Clearing and forwarding agents
        3423    Employment agents and labour contractors
        3429    Business services agents and trade brokers not 
              elsewhere classified

    343 Administrative associate professionals
        3431    Administrative secretaries and related associate professionals1
        3432    Legal and related business associate professionals
        3433    Bookkeepers
        3434    Statistical, mathematical and related associate professionals

Definitional notes:

Other associate professionals perform technical tasks connected with the practical application of knowledge relating to finance and sales, business enterprise administration, bookkeeping, legal, statistical and other services, government activities relating to customs, travel, tax, welfare, job placement, licensing, the police force, as well as with social work, entertainment, sport and religion (ILO, 1990; p.113).

1. This unit group consist of occupations which support professional and/or managerial staff in an administrative capacity. The range of tasks/responsibilities wil be wider than those ascribed to jobs classified in unit group 4115 (secretaries). Included in this unit group should be associate professional occupations within the public service which are not specialist public service occupations (eg, customs, tax, social benefit, licensing officials - these would be allocated to minor group 344), but which consist primarily of administrative functions and for which the skills level is defined at the ISCO third level.

    344 Customs, tax and related government associate professionals
        3441    Customs and border inspectors
        3442    Government tax and excise officials
        3443    Government social benefits officials
        3444    Government licensing officials
        3449    Customs, tax and related government associate professionals
              not elsewhere classified1

    345 Police inspectors and detectives
        3450    Police inspectors and detectives

    346 Social work associate professionals
        3460    Social work associate professionals

    347 Artistic, entertainment and sports associate professionals
        3471    Decorators and commercial designers
        3472    Radio, television and other announcers
        3473    Street, night-club and related musicians, singers and dancers
        3474    Clowns, magicians, acrobats and related associate professionals
        3475    Athletes, sports persons and related associate professionals

    348 Religious associate professionals
        3480    Religious associate professionals

Definitional notes:

It should be noted that, depending on the specific tasks and degree of responsibility in executing them, as well as on the national educational and training requirements, it may be appropriate to classify some of the occupations that are identified here into sub-major group 24 (Other professionals). This is particularly relevant to the occupations classified into minor group 346, (Social work associate professionals) (ILO, 1990; p.113).

1. Unit group 3449 should be restricted to those occupations which are specific to the public service sector, and which have no direct parallel outside the public service. Examples of occupations classified to this category include:

Wage inspector
Weights and measures inspector


1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 0