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Major Group 8: Plant and Machine Operators and Assemblers

81  Stationary plant and related operators1
    811 Mining and mineral-processing-plant operators
        8111    Mining plant operators
        8112    Mineral-ore and stone-processing-plant operators
        8113    Well drillers and borers and related workers

    812 Metal-processing plant operators
        8121    Ore and metal furnace operators
        8122    Metal melters, casters and rolling-mill operators
        8123    Metal heat-treating-plant operators
        8124    Metal drawers and extruders

    813 Glass, ceramics and related plant operators
        8131    Glass and ceramics kiln and related machine operators
        8139    Glass, ceramics and related plant operators not 
                  elsewhere classified

    814 Wood-processing- and papermaking-plant operators
        8141    Wood-processing-plant operators
        8142    Paper-pulp plant operators
        8143    Papermaking-plant operators

    815 Chemical-processing-plant operators
        8151    Crushing-, grinding- and chemical-mixing-machinery operators
        8152    Chemical-heat-treating-plant operators
        8153    Chemical-filtering- and separating-equipment operators
        8154    Chemical-still and reactor operators (except petroleum and 
                  natural gas)
        8155    Petroleum- and natural-gas-refining-plant operators
        8159    Chemical-processing-plant operators not elsewhere classified

    816 Power-production and related plant operators
        8161    Power-production plant operators
        8162    Steam-engine and boiler operators
        8163    Incinerator, water-treatment and related plant operators

    817 Industrial robot operators  
        8170    Industrial robot operators  

Definitional notes:

Plant and machine operators and assemblers operate and monitor industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment on the spot or by remote control, drive and operate trains, motor vehicles and mobile machinery and equipment, or assemble products from component parts according to strict specifications and procedures.

The work mainly calls for experience with, and an understanding of, industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment as well as an ability to cope with machine-paced operations and to adapt to technological innovations. Most occupations in the major group require skills at the second ISCO level (ILO, 1990; p.211).

1. 'Stationary plant' should be interpreted primarily as 'process plant'. Operative occupations classified to sub-major group 81 (Stationary plant and related operators) involve process control operations, usually to a strictly defined set of procedures.

Automated assembly line operators are not separately distinguished from assembling occupations in minor group 828 (Assemblers).

82  Machine operators and assemblers
    821 Metal- and mineral-products machine operators
        8211    Machine-tool operators
        8212    Cement and other mineral products machine operators

    822 Chemical-products machine operators
        8221    Pharmaceutical-and toiletry-products machine operators
        8222    Ammunition- and explosive-products machine operators
        8223    Metal finishing-, plating- and coating-machine operators
        8224    Photographic-products machine operators
        8229    Chemical-products machine operators not elsewhere classified

    823 Rubber- and plastic-products machine operators
        8231    Rubber-products machine operators
        8232    Plastic-products machine operators

    824 Wood-products machine operators
        8240    Wood-products machine operators

    825 Printing-, binding- and paper-products machine operators
        8251    Printing-machine operators
        8252    Book-binding-machine operators
        8253    Paper-products machine operators

    826 Textile-, fur- and leather-products machine operators
        8261    Fibre-preparing-, spinning- and winding-machine operators
        8262    Weaving- and knitting-machine operators
        8263    Sewing-machine operators
        8264    Bleaching-, dyeing- and cleaning-machine operators
        8265    Fur- and leather-preparing-machine operators
        8266    Shoemaking- and related machine operators
        8269    Textile-, fur- and leather-products machine operators not 
                elsewhere classified

    827 Food and related products machine operators
        8271    Meat- and fish-processing-machine operators
        8272    Dairy-products machine operators
        8273    Grain- and spice-milling-machine operators
        8274    Baked-goods, cereal- and chocolate-products machine operators
        8275    Fruit-, vegetable- and nut-processing-machine operators
        8276    Sugar production machine operators
        8277    Tea-, coffee- and cocoa-processing-machine operators
        8278    Brewers, wine and other beverage machine operators
        8279    Tobacco production machine operators

Definitional notes:

See notes to major group 8.
No changes are proposed for these minor groups.

    828 Assemblers1
        8281    Mechanical-machinery assemblers
        8282    Electrical-equipment assemblers
        8283    Electronic-equipment assemblers
        8284    Metal-, rubber- and plastic-products assemblers
        8285    Wood and related products assemblers
        8286    Paperboard, textile and related products assemblers
        8287    Composite products assemblers2 

    829 Other machine operators not elsewhere classified
        8290    Other machine operators not elsewhere classified

Definitional notes:

See notes to major group 8.

1. Assemblers working on automated or semi-automated assembly lines are included in minor group 828. If there is sufficient information to classify assembling occupations in terms of the assembled products, classification is to unit group 8280 (Assemblers, nothing otherwise specified).

2. A new category covering the assembly of composite products, involving a variety of assembled parts.

83  Drivers and mobile plant operators
    831 Locomotive engine drivers and related workers
        8311    Locomotive engine drivers
        8312    Railway brakers, signallers and shunters

    832 Motor vehicle drivers
        8321    Motorcycle drivers
        8322    Car, taxi and van drivers
        8323    Bus and tram drivers
        8324    Heavy truck and lorry drivers

    833 Agricultural and other mobile plant operators
        8331    Motorised farm and forestry plant operators
        8332    Earth-moving and related plant operators
        8333    Crane, hoist and related plant operators
        8334    Lifting-truck operators

    834 Ships' deck crews and related workers
        8340    Ships' deck crews and related workers

Definitional notes:

See notes to major group 8.
No changes are proposed for these minor groups.


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