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Horizon Europe - A capabilities approach to meeting current and future training needs

Skills2Capability is a major, multi-national, multi-institutional study funded through the EU Horizon programme and UK Horizon Guarantee funding.

The Skills2Capability project is about understanding how skill systems across Europe need to develop if they are assist people make labour market transitions – i.e. those between jobs, employers or sectors – and thereby reduce the level of skill mismatch which might otherwise arise.

This more than just about equipping people with the skills required to adapt to, say, technological change, at a given point in time. It is about conferring capabilities upon individuals so that they can effectively manage the labour market transitions they will increasingly need to make in the future. Some countries have been able to use their skills systems to deliver more of these capabilities than others (especially those capabilities related to well-being) from which lessons can be learnt.

The study addresses capabilities from both the demand side (what are the skills and capabilities which are currently in demand and are likely to be so in the future?), and the supply side (to what extent are the capabilities of interest reflected in vocational education and training programmes?). The research will provide decision makers in government and education authorities with information which gives them a better understanding of the capabilities that skills systems will need to supply in the future and along with insights into how they can be best delivered.

Project Team:

Terence Hogarth (IER)

Project Duration:

January 2023 - December 2025