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Terence Hogarth

Terence Hogarth left IER in 2016.

Terence was a Principal Research Fellow at IER for around 30 years' researching UK and EU labour and training markets. His work concentrated on the operation of Apprenticeship systems from the perspective of employers and apprentices. Since the mid 1990s he directed the Net Costs / Benefits of Apprenticeships to Employers study for the Department of Employment and its successor ministries. More information on Terence's projects.

Selected publications

  • Gambin, L., Hogarth, T., Winterbotham, M., Huntley-Hewitt, J., Eastwood, L. and Vivian, D. (2016). The apprenticeship levy: How will employers respond? (Research report, DFE-RR612). London: Department for Education.
  • Green, A., Hogarth, T., Barnes, S-A, Gambin, L. and Sofroniou N. (2016) The UK's Skill System: Training, Employability and Gaps in Provision. London: Foresight, Government Office for Science.

  • Green, A. and Hogarth, T. (2016) The UK skills system: how aligned are public policy and employer views of training provision? London: Foresight, Government Office for Science,.

  • Hogarth, T.,Gambin, L,(2015) 'Evaluation of Business Class', Business in the Community (BITC)
  • Hogarth, T., Gambin, L., and Hasluck, C. (2012) 'Apprenticeships in England: what next?' Journal Of Vocational Education And Training 64 (1), 41 - 55
  • Gambin, L., Hasluck, C. and Hogarth, T. (2010) 'Recouping the costs of apprenticeship training : employer case study evidence from England' Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training 2 (2), 127 - 146 [article]
    Hogarth T, Owen D., Gambin L., Hasluck C., Lyonette C., and Casey B. (2009) 'The Equality Impacts of the Current Recession', 1 - 217, Equality and Human Rights Commision Report no 47 [Report] [view]
  • Gambin L., Beaven R., Hogarth T., May-Gillings M. and Long K. (2014) 'Methodological Issues in Estimating the Value Added of Further Education, Higher Education and Skills: A review of relevant literature', BIS Research Paper Number 166, London: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills [Report] [view]
  • Hogarth, T., and Gambin, L.. (2014) 'Employer investment in apprenticeships in England: an exploration of the sensitivity of employers in the construction sector to the net costs of training' Construction Management And Economics 32 (9), 845 - 856 [article]

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