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Transnational Employment Platform - Long Term Unemployment


IER supported the European Transnational Employment Platform, Long-Term Unemployment Project, through delivering a package for the Thematic Strand exploring enhanced Targeted Support for long-term unemployed (LTU) people. The work consisted of a review of evidence on the feasibility of developing a methodology to better target support for LTU people participating in Active Labour Market Programmes (ALMPs). The review explored different models and measures used to assess and record distance travelled in terms of employability. The aim was to establish the scope for application of “Distance Travelled Models” which could be subsequently adapted for use by actors involved in supporting LTU integration. The main review question was:

What evidence is there of measures which are soft and subjective, such as increase in confidence, resilience, career adaptability, employability, skills gained, as well as re-engagement in learning and/or education, and, if employed, perceptions of job satisfaction and job quality?

The review of evidence focused on different models and measures used to design, assess, record and evaluate soft outcomes and ‘distance travelled’ for the LTU in terms of employability. While the focus of the review was on measures used with the LTU, it also drew upon evidence on measures used in ALMPs targeted at other groups.

Using evidence from the review, a half day workshop was delivered to the Slovenia public employment services (PES) including PES management, coordinators and experts, and representatives from the Slovenian Ministry of Labour. The workshop included an overview of the key findings from the review and an interactive element the focused on the process of developing a distance travelled monitoring system. The aim of the workshop was to support thinking about a distance travelled model for the Slovenian PES ALMPs.

Final report:

Barnes, S-A. and Wright, S.A. (2019). The feasibility of developing a methodology for measuring the distance travelled and soft outcomes for long-term unemployed people participating in Active Labour Market Programmes. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union

LTU Project – 3rd Working Group meeting, Slovenia 11-12 June 2019

Review of distance travelled models and the process of developing a distance travelled monitoring system, Workshop presentation by Sally-Anne Barnes and Sally Wright

Project Team:

Sally-Anne Barnes (Principal Investigator)

Sally Wright

Project Duration:

November 2018 - June 2019

Project Funder: