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Peace, Conflict, and Justice

There is a long established link between peace, conflict, justice and development. War and violence have devastating effects on human development as well as the economic and social life of a community or country. Peace can also have positive effects on development, allowing stability and freedoms to flourish. But what counts as ‘peace’ and under what conditions it can be sustained are subjects of debate. Moreover, the role of conflict in dialogue, debate and empowerment also require greater understanding. The key questions that WICID will focus on include: how can societies address legacies of violence to build just and peaceful futures? What role does politics play in realizing people’s hopes and expectations? Where can we find peace in the midst of war or conflict in the midst of peace? What does greater inclusivity and greater equality mean for peace and justice seeking? In doing so we are interested in multiple actors, agencies and activism as well as acknowledging the varied and contested ways of defining peace, conflict or justice.


Data and Displacement: Assessing the Practical and Ethical Implications of Targeting Humanitarian Protection

Funder: AHRC and DFID under the Collaborative Humanitarian Protection Programme

Partners: University of Ibadan, University of Juba, International Organisation for Migration

Connecting Legal and Psychosocial Aspects in the Search for Victims of Enforced Disappearance in Colombia and El Salvador

Funder: Swiss Network for International Studies

Investigators: Dr Lisa Ott, swisspeace (PI) Dr Briony Jones, WICID (Principal Member) Dr Mina Rauschenbach, University of Lausanne (Principal Member) Camilo Sanchez, DeJusticia Colombia (Principal Member) Heli Hernando, ProBusqueda El Salvador (Principal Member) Ana Julia, ProBusqueda (Principal Member)

Partners: swisspeace; University of Lausanne; DeJusticia in Colombia; Pro Busqueda in El Salvador; United Nations Committee on Enforced Disappearance; International Committee of the Red Cross

Knowledge for Peace. Understanding Research, Policy, Practice Synergies

Funder: Swiss National Science Foundation and Swiss Development Cooperation

Investigators: Prof. Laurent Goetschel, University of Basel (PI) Dr Briony Jones, WICID (Co-I and Project Lead) Dr Leben Moro, University of Juba (Co-I), Dr Gilbert Fokou, Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Cote d'Ivoire (Co-I)

Partners: swisspeace; University of Juba, Centre Suisse de Recherche Scientifiques en Côte d’Ivoire