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Paper of the Month

Z. Luo, Z. Liu, D. Walker, S. Huband, P. A. Thomas, N. Zhang, W. Ran & Z.-G. Ye, Meso- to Nano-scopic Domain Structures in High Curie-Temperature Piezoelectric BiScO3-PbTiO3 Single Crystals of Complex Perovskite Structure

Thu 23 Apr 2020, 10:25 | Tags: Powder XRD, Perovskite, Publication, Ferroelectric

Paper of the Month

J. J. P. Peters, A. M. Sanchez, D. Walker, R. Whatmore & R. Beanland, Quantitative High‐Dynamic‐Range Electron Diffraction of Polar Nanodomains in Pb2ScTaO6

Wed 17 Apr 2019, 14:00 | Tags: Powder XRD, Perovskite, Publication


In a paper published in Nature Energy, Dr Ross Hatton, Professor Richard Walton and colleagues, explain how solar cells could be produced which are more adaptable and simpler to produce than their current counterparts.

Wed 23 Nov 2016, 11:50 | Tags: Perovskite, Publication, Solar Cells