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Social Sciences Faculty Research

The Faculty of Social Sciences has an excellent record of carrying out both theoretical and applied research. Our work includes projects commissioned by external sponsors, including government and industry, the development and assessment of public policy and finding practical solutions to real-world problems. The Faculty, while it incorporates some of the UK's leading departments and research centres, is committed to further strengthening its research activity for the benefit of students and the community generally.

The Faculty has identified six areas of multidisciplinary research which demonstrate the scope and quality of the work done by our experts. We have expertise in a wide range of research specialisms and further information about these can be accessed through individual departments and research centres.

Faculty Research Themes

Children, Childhood and YouthChildren, Childhood and Youth

The University of Warwick has significant research strength in issues affecting young people, ranging from education and training to children’s health, family lives and their relationships with the law and the world of work.


We are an international leader in globalisation and regionalisation studies. As a result of our multidisciplinary approach to research, globalisation and regionalisation studies are a major Faculty-wide research concern involving most academic departments and research centres.


Our research on the theory and practice of governance at local, national, regional and global levels brings together senior policy-makers, public managers from all levels of government and the public and voluntary services and leading academics.

Health and Wellbeing

Our highly successful research involves significant study of health inequalities, both nationally and abroad, social work, user involvement and the sociological aspects of health, including a series of projects based in Coventry.

Migration, Diaspora, Transnationalism and Identity

Our researchers are carrying out cutting edge research in the area of people movement and its consequences. Their multidisciplinary research covers the areas of race, migration and ethnic relations. Major new research on creolization will add to the existing range of expertise in the Faculty.

Work and Employment

Our research in this field is of the highest quality and is extensive in scope and focuses upon the operation of labour markets and socio-economic processes related to employment and unemployment in the UK at national, regional and local levels. It also carries out comparative European research on employment and training.