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Work and Employment

Our research in this field is of the highest quality and is extensive in scope. The Institute for Employment Research is one of Europe's leading centres for research in the labour market field. Its work focuses upon the operation of labour markets and socio-economic processes related to employment and unemployment in the UK at national, regional and local levels. It also carries out comparative European research on employment and training. Also, the Economics Department is home to a group of researchers working on labour economics while the internationally-regarded Warwick Business School has significant expertise in the fields of industrial relations and business and industrial organisation.

Labour Market Analysis

The work of the Institute for Employment Research focuses on the operation of labour markets. Its assessment and evaluation of labour markets is based on multidisciplinary research methods including both quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques using both primary or secondary data sources. Research in the Economics Department concentrates on the dynamics and econometrics of labour markets.

The Workplace

The Institute for Employment Research has significant research expertise in the evaluation of people's experiences of employment, such as the work-life balance, the choices open to workers and employer behaviour. Also, labour law is a feature of the research in the School of Law and the Sociology Department is home to the Centre for Comparative Labour Studies, which conducts multidisciplinary research into a wide range of questions concerning labour.

Diversity in Employment: The Warwick Business School's internationally renowned Industrial Relations Research Unit works on equal opportunities in employment, including issues such as managing diversity, while the members of the Sociology Department's Centre for the Study of Women and Gender carries out multidisciplinary research into the relationship between gender and employment.

Employee Remuneration: The labour economists in the Economics Department carry out theoretical and applied research in the area of earnings and wages, including minimum wages.

Training and Skills

Our research is based in the Institute for Employment Research, which assesses policies designed to improve the nation's skills base and the Warwick Business School's ESRC Research Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance which, based jointly at Oxford University and Warwick, researches skills and knowledge and their links with organisational performance and strategy. The Centre for Education and Industry carries out research and evaluation projects on work-related learning, vocational education, enterprise and employability.

Industrial Relations

Warwick Business School's Industrial Relations Research Unit is one of the largest and one of the best-regarded centres for the study of industrial relations in the field. Through independent, in-depth and theoretically informed empirical research , the Unit addresses issues such as the impact of European integration and internationalisation on employment relations and employee representation. The Economics Department also carries out research into collective bargaining methods and outcomes.

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