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Children, Childhood and Youth

The University of Warwick has significant research strength in issues affecting young people. Work done in the Institute of Education and the School of Health and Social Studies ranges across the fields of education and training to children’s health. Other researchers study children's family lives and their relationships to the law and world of work.

Children and Education

The Institute of Education has extensive research capability in the theory and practice of education. In particular, it specialises in learning and teaching; education policy and improvement; and childhood, including early years, children's literature and special needs. The Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research evaluates new educational initiatives and also carries out research into the nature of teaching and learning and the needs of children in education. Other areas of interest include and pupil achievement and school quality, the sociology of education and the philosophy of education.

Youth and Training

Researchers are active in the study of the training needs of young adults as they prepare for employment. The Centre for Education & Industry concentrates on work-related learning, vocational education, enterprise education and employability. Work on vocational and apprenticeship training is carried out in the Institute for Employment Research and further research is in the area of youth policy and politics.

Children’s Health

The emphasis of the research conducted in the School of Health and Social Studies concerns the impact of social inequalities in healthcare and the exclusion of marginalised groups from healthcare provision. Researchers in the School's Institute of Health also address issues relating to the measurement of child health and illness, the delivery of healthcare services to children and the impact of smoking on children.

Children in Society

Researchers in the School of Health and Social Studies, the Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research and the Institute of Education study the place of children in society, including the operation of the Sure Start scheme in Coventry, services for disabled children and their carers and child abuse. Other researchers are looking at childcare policies in Europe, child labour and the relationship between parental incomes and child outcomes.

Children and the Law

Researchers examine the relationship of children to the law, particularly in relation to their human rights and where child protection or disability is involved.

Children, Childhood and Youth

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