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Research is focussed around the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR). A designated research site of the UK Economic and Social Research Council, CSGR is a national and international leader in globalisation and regionalisation studies. As a result of the CSGR's multidisciplinary approach to research, globalisation and regionalisation studies are a major Faculty-wide research concern involving most academic departments and research centres.

Globalisation and International Relations

The impact of globalisation and regionalisation on relationships between states and regions is central to the work done in the CSGR and the Department of Politics and International Studies. Principal areas of research expertise are in international relations theory, international political economy, US foreign policy, globalisation/regionalisation and security, the relationship of regionalisation to globalisation, especially comparing the Asia-Pacific and Europe and the impact of globalisation on foreign aid.

The Global Economy

The governance of global and regional economies, for example the prevention and control of global and regional financial crises and trade liberalisation, forms a central part of CSGR's work. Also research on international economic relations and international finance is carried out in the Economics Department and on international economic law in the School of Law. Warwick Business School researchers contribute their expertise in the area of the regulation of global financial markets.

Globalisation and Society

CSGR concentrates on the social pressures and changes resulting from globalisation with particular emphasis on gender, social inequalities and human rights. It highlights matters of human security, social equity and democracy, considers the powerless as well as the powerful and examines resistance activities as well as official policies. CSGR strongly promotes researcher-practitioner interchange with business, civil society, media and official circles. The School of Law specialises in comparative human rights law while the Warwick Business School's Institute of Governance and Public Management works on the governance and management of the dynamic inter-relationships between state, market and civil society.

Globalisation and Business

There is extensive research activity in this area across CSGR, the Warwick Business School's Corporate Citizenship Unit and Industrial Relations Research Unit and the Economics Department. Research covers key questions of globalisation and business governance, international business and global strategy, the social accountability of business, intellectual property rights, industrial relations and market regulation.

Globalisation and the Environment

Research in CSGR, the Department of Politics and International Studies and the Economics Department focuses on global environmental politics and policies, the design of environmental agreements, globalisation and agriculture and global environmental economic issues, including taxation of pollution.

Globalisation and the Developing World

The impact of globalisation and regionalisation on the developing world has been a focus of research in CSGR, which has particular expertise in monetary regionalism, financial crises in the developing world and emerging markets and internationalisation. In the School of Law, 'Law and Development' is a major area of interest which includes a focus on legal development in Latin America and gender and land rights issues while 'Development Economics' is a research area in the Economics Department particularly in relation to the use of social accounting methods to analyse social policy issues.

Globalisation - Area Studies

CSGR aims to better define, measure, explain and evaluate a world with more pronounced regional qualities and is particularly concerned with the relationship of regionalisation to globalisation, especially comparing the Asia-Pacific and Europe. A wide range of individual researchers have particular expertise in the EU, Asia, the Asia/Pacific Region, Africa, Latin America and the transitional states of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Globalisation - Measurement

A particular focus of the work of CSGR is the measurement of globalisation, for example through the creation of a "Globalisation Index", as means of explaining and evaluating the impact of globalisation and regionalisation.


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