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100+ Videos


100+ is a collection of videos created for and by Warwick students. We aim to compile a selection of short one to two minute videos which reflect the diverse range of people and experiences which make up the Warwick community. Topics range from sports and societies to study skills and mental health and are designed to give a comprehensive insight into the opportunities available on campus.

The videos are based on the concept of encouraging students to engage in reflective practice by considering their wider, extra-curricular experience at Warwick and understand the value these experiences have for their future lives. Clips are categorised by topic such as ‘societies’ and ‘first year’ and tagged by their demonstration of attributes employers particularly value such as ‘adaptable’ and ‘resourceful’.

You can view all the videos on our website here.

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Video themes:
First year
Work experience
Life on Campus
How to make friends
How to develop your skills
Study support
Health & well being
Societies & Clubs
Work on campus