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Tell your story

Understand your journey

Get ahead by collecting evidence and understand skills learnt through your studies, work and activities

Develop your personal brand

Know what you have to offer as an individual, take control of your story, draw together your experiences and create your own narrative.

Tell your story

Trade off your Warwick Journey! Talk about your experiences with a genuine understanding of their value, be confident in every situation.

MyPortfolio is one way to make the most of your Warwick Journey by capturing experiences and reflecting on learning, enabling you to tell your story and feel more confident in applications and interviews.

  • One place to keep evidence of all your of study, society and work experience activity
  • Capture your reflection to understand your personal journey
  • Safely develop your personal brand and digital persona
  • Powerful digital presentation tool you can tailor to different audiences
  • Build and participate in online groups and communities
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