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Apeksha Harsh

What degree course did you study and when did you graduate?

MA in Writing - graduated in 2012.

What is your current role?

Independent Educational Consultant.

What did I love about being at Warwick?

Having a cohort who supported my silliness and experimenting with my writing at every turn.

What did I know would be immense at Warwick?

The creative opportunities since there is a deep synergy between the university and the arts in the community.

So, yes, I grabbed hold of things that caught my interest. Like a piece of the moon when I wrote an opera on Kaguyahime.

Or Snow White when I worked with Business in the Community (BITC) and their Read to Succeed Book Challenge. Psst... It was shortlisted for the Coventry Community Cohesion Awards 2012.

And even dragons! Well, not actual dragons - it was the name of the group of Grade 3 students I mentored through the Warwick Writing Programme in Schools. Their work along with their classmates' was printed in a nifty anthology aptly titled 'The Story Zoo'.

What did I do when I got back home?

Chilled with my dog! But seriously, I opened doors myself. Worked as a facilitator with the British Council designing & delivering creative workshops for children. Spoke at IELTS Meets, even the IELTS scholarship ceremony

Then worked with an arts in education organisation overseeing language arts programmes. And you bet, I applied the things I learnt at uni! Now I'm branching out as an independent educator & consultant as I continue to work with both children & adults.

What have you learned about yourself?

So here I am in 2023. It's been a minute since I graduated - MA in Writing, Class of 2012. And I know I wouldn't be where I am right now without my stint at Warwick. It hasn't been without trepidation.



Imposter Syndrome

That's any role really. But if you're a facilitator and an educator, they certainly get amplified. You never stop learning for yourself, from others and you never not hit the brakes on self-reflection. At the same time, you have to discover who you are, what makes you tick, what makes you thrive...because only when you are truly alive do your sessions shine with all the light you bring.

Does that make sense? Maybe it's something that you can take back with you and out into the big, bold world. And of course, if you're at university right now, make the most of it. An opera, a writer in school - these were never on my list. Did I think they would lead me to my profession? Heck, no.

Keep your eyes peeled, your ears open (and relatively clean), and you never know what may lead where.

As for me... I want to keep exploring what I have to offer as an educator. I want to deliver workshops and programmes where culture and identity intersect, where your passions have a playground, and where you always dare to create!

If you want to connect, I'm on LinkedIn where I talk shop and Instagram where I make art.