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Caroline Wagner - Greenpeace Mediterranean


Hi Warwick! My name is Caroline Wagner and I graduated the University of Warwick in 2018. I did my Masters in Intercultural Communication for Business in the Professions.

So afterwards I jumped right into employment. So I did a year in human resources in Dubai actually, but then I decided to pursue my passion so I did a second Masters. I did a Masters in Environmental Studies which led me to an internship at Greenpeace, then part-time work and now full-time work at Greenpeace. So I am the plastics campaign lead for Greenpeace and Program Coordinator.

So how has Warwick shaped me to who I am today? So I would say, joining societies, attending talks and debates and conferences about sustainability and really interesting topics, that allowed me to strengthen my knowledge and really find my passion in sustainability while actually doing a degree in Intercultural Communication.

So I actually also asked Warwick Estates Team, the Sustainability Team, whether I can do some work experience with them, and so I did. So I think it's really useful to find a community, ask the people you know whether you can get some work experience with them, and see who can help you out.

So I would say my top tips for joining this green sector would be to find your interest - what is your passion? So whether it's energy or climate change or agriculture, find what you're interested in and become an expert in it. Watch all of the environmental documentaries on Netflix, follow really interesting accounts on Instagram, and listen to good podcasts online. And also find your community find your like-minded people - talk to people that can help you out, and see if you can help out a start up, or ask companies if you can just help them out, volunteer with them, and then hopefully you can get your foot into the door into this really important green industry. Thank you.