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Heline Deconinck

heline Deconinck profile picture

What degree course did you study and when did you graduate

Graduated from Warwick Mmath in Warwick also completed a PhD in Mathematics in Warwick in 2016.

Why did you choose that particular degree course?

Always been fascinated by numbers and solving problems. I didn't have a specific career path in mind, but my research into Maths at Warwick made me confident that there are lots of career opportunities for Warwick maths grads.

Tell us about your employer

Enable is a fast-growing Software-as-a-Service company. In 2020 we secured $17m in Series A funding and another $45 million following our Series B in August 2021. This Silicon Valley funding has helped us scale our team in Stratford-upon-Avon, Toronto and San Francisco while we've tripled our customer base. Our software helps manufacturers and distributors create trusted trading relationships to serve their customers better together.

What was the position you were recruited for. Please briefly outline the position you were recruited to within your organisation and summarise the business needs and role you fulfil

Enable has a strong tradition of hiring graduates and growing them within the company. I started as a Graduate Business Analyst, writing specifications detailing how our product would be enhanced to meet our customer needs.

As our customer base grew, it became apparent that we needed a team to help our customers get implemented with our product. This became part of the Client Services team and I moved to my new role as a Client Services Manager. As we hired more Graduate Implementation Analysts to help with the implementation, I was promoted to head up the Client Services team.

My latest role change is that I now head up the whole Customer Success function. Customer Success' aim is to ensure our customers achieve their goals within our platform. In practice, this is anything customer-facing post-sales, so it includes onboarding, customer success, training, support, help centre.

What attracted you to this position?

I was interested in how I could combine my natural technical ability with my soft skills. I love the fast-faced nature of technology, especially in a fast-growth SaaS company.

What are the key skills you learnt at Warwick that have helped you with your career to date?

The most important skill I have learned and perfected during my time at Warwick is how to get things done. Juggling a heavy course load, with many deadlines, I also challenged myself by taking on additional modules.

Prioritization, organization, and focus are some of the key skills I use on a daily basis to set myself apart and have allowed me to grow quickly in my career.

What has been your greatest career challenge to date and how did your experience and skills help overcome it?

Last year I was tasked with building out my team from our Stratford upon Avon office to San Francisco and later Toronto. Breaking this challenge down into smaller tasks, and constantly iterating my plan while keeping a good record now means I've not only hired 15 overseas team members, I've also created repeatable processes that set us up for success in the future.

What top tips would you give to students looking for a career in your market sector?

A lot of companies are looking for graduates with your background. It's important you make an effort to find a company that suits you. Don't feel disheartened by rejections. Not all companies will be a great match for you. Keep a positive outlook in your job search.

When you are invited for an interview, have a look at the company website, LinkedIn and if you know who is interviewing, then do a little research on them as well.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were applying for jobs?

Having been on the other side of recruitment, it's not easy for anyone involved. I would have been more proactive in reaching out to companies that seemed to have the same values as me. Also looking at my contacts (e.g. other graduates) to find out about interesting roles.

Any additional advice or comments?

Do make sure you keep track of all your applications and job roles you are applying for. Save all the key information, not just a URL as these might not be there when you need them later.