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Feedback from WIP 2021 Student Interns

“It provided me with the experience that I would not have otherwise known existed and gave me confidence moving forward with applying to grad jobs / other internships etc; it eased the stress with the resources WIP pointed me to.”

Chloe, Sales and Business Development Executive, Plant Pops

“I felt that the experience showed me a side of working with the university which I would not have necessarily experienced as a student and I value that very highly as it provided me with an insight into what a future career in higher education might look like for me.”

Stanimir, Student Medical Education Internship: Digital education and training, Warwick Medical School

“I got to know first-hand what the environment is like for entrepreneurs and the variety of different challenges they face. This is something I have never had exposure to before and I would definitely say I came out of this internship a more optimistic and observant person while also developing a more can-do attitude. I also strengthened some of my pre-existing skills like writing, researching and pitching … this internship will serve as a great catalyst for further personal development as well.”

Bhavya, Business and Marketing Strategist intern, Eclectic Synthesis

“Had a fantastic experience, so useful for my future career to have hands-on experience and take on an individual responsibility.”

Lucy, Humanities Content Creator, GCSE Classroom

“It was very rewarding seeing my impacts to the organisation and the members/workers associated with the organisation and I really felt included and welcomed by the wonderful staff. I definitely learned a lot through this experience. Before this internship I thought I would definitely go into something related to my economics degree, but I really enjoyed my time at Orchestras for All and felt like I was making positive differences, so a route in the charity / social work area is not inconceivable.”

Hao, Programme Coordinator, Orchestras for All

“I understand how lucky I am to have come out with a true internship in the field I want to go into with a completely relevant company that actually had me do some work. In particular, working for an SME likely gave me far more responsibility and authorization to do work that would actually be used by the business.”

Nazish, Marketing Data Analyst, Silverstring (Predatar)

“The WIP internship acted as an incredibly valuable medium for me, for which I'm grateful. Plus, the pay was extremely helpful in setting me up to be financially independent and funding my own living expenses in final year. Skill wise, I learnt so much and had so much fun in the last two months. Marketing! 100%! I know for certain I want to be a top-class copywriter and I want to excel in making graphics for email campaigns.”

Bushra, Growth Marketing Intern, Bare Kind

“I learned so much from the internship and in line with the requirements of the WIP, I was given detailed support and advice from my internship provider. I gained valuable skills, knowledge and experience and was even able to gain a TV Credit for my work on a project. The internship exceeded my expectations and was so enjoyable and helpful.”

Scarlett, Factual Researcher for Development, The Connected Set

“I was expecting to create educational resources for primary school students and have the opportunity to also tutor students. My expectations were met and it was lovely to work with such a supportive and approachable team. The WIP e-platform was useful in terms of giving me lots of helpful information before I started the internship. I also accessed the videos and tips about interview and application which was very helpful.”

Emily, Word Wizard, Tutor in a Box