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1. Appointment of Examiners and Role of the Examination Advisor

At least two examiners (normally one internal and one external) are appointed for all candidates and their function is to make a recommendation on the thesis, in line with the University’s regulations for research degrees, to the Chair of the appropriate Faculty Education Committee. Where the candidate for a research degree is a member of staff or is submitting for a PhD by Published Work, two external examiners will be appointed and the University will also appoint an examination advisor.

Examiners are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest which may affect the integrity of the examination process at the point of nomination, or in the case of situations that only become apparent after examiners have been appointed, as soon as reasonably possible. A non-exhaustive list of potential sources of conflict is available in Part II, Section 2.12.

It is recommended that consideration should be given to appointing an examination advisor in all cases where an oral examination will be held. The examination advisor will assist the examiners in following University procedures (hence should be experienced and/or knowledgeable in the procedures) and chair and maintain a record of the oral examination but not otherwise act as an examiner of the thesis. In cases where there are two external examiners an examination advisor must be appointed (see Part II, Section 3, for procedures for the appointment of an advisor, as well as Appendix C pdf_ic.pngon the role of the advisor).

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