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5. Binding and Submission to the Doctoral College

5.1 Submission for examination

Candidates are required to submit an electronic version of the thesis for examination, together with a completed Thesis Submission Declaration Form (Form 3.) . The Doctoral College cannot accept a thesis without a completed Thesis Submission Declaration Form.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt email within three working days of submission. During our peak periods we may not be able to confirm receipt should you contact us for an update.

The Doctoral College reserves the right to ask for alternative electronic copies of your thesis if the original version of your thesis is not compatible with Turnitin, the source-matching software used by the University.

5.2 Final (Library) submission

Following a successful examination (i.e. once your examiners have recommended the award of a degree and you have completed any corrections to the satisfaction of your examiners), you should arrange for your thesis to be hard-bound according to University specifications, as set out in Appendix B. Please note that the Library Declaration and Deposit Agreement form (Form 5.) must be signed and bound in with the thesis, immediately prior to the Title Page. Candidates are required to submit the hard-bound copy of their thesis, together with an electronic copy (with the exception of a Master’s degree by Research), to the Doctoral College.

As noted in paragraph 4.1, for single sided theses a 4 cm margin must remain on the left hand edge (binding edge) and adequate margins on the other three edges to allow for trimming after binding. Final hard bound copies of the thesis may be double-sided, in which case a 4 cm margin must remain on both the left hand and right hand edges with adequate margins on the other two edges. Page numbers should be typed at least 1.5 cm into the page.

Only once both the hard-bound and electronic copies have been received, will your name be included on a pass list for the award of a degree. The hard-bound copy will subsequently be deposited in the University Library and the electronic copy will be uploaded to the University’s institutional repository. Theses stored in this way will be accessible through the British Library (BL) Electronic Theses Online Service (EThOS) service.

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