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4. Responsibilities of Departments


Guidance to Supervisors and Candidates

Departments are expected to provide candidates with general guidance on any special presentational matters for research theses which are specific to the academic discipline. Any departmental procedures relating to the submission and examination of the thesis should be communicated clearly to supervisors and candidates. Departmental arrangements should support the implementation of the University’s policies and procedures for the timely submission of research theses.


Appointment of Examiners

Chairs of department are responsible under Regulation 38.6(3) for the nomination of examiners and the examination advisor to the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies who considers nominations on behalf of the Senate. Departmental procedures should aim to assist supervisors to propose suitable examiners in good time and at least one month before the candidate plans to submit his/her thesis. As noted above, final responsibility for the nomination of examiners to the Doctoral College, however, lies with the department and not with the supervisor and all nomination forms must be signed by the Chair or a nominated Deputy such as the Director of Graduate Studies. Chairs and Directors of Graduate Studies are asked to ensure that nomination forms are completed in full and that examiners meet the criteria set out in section 2 and 3.


Payment of Examiners

The external examiner will receive an expenses claim form on appointment. This form is also available at On presentation of original receipts, the Doctoral College will reimburse travel, subsistence and accommodation costs up to a total of £300. Departments will be responsible for the reimbursement of expenses above this £300 threshold.


Payment for alternative arrangements for the oral examination

In those exceptional circumstances where the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies has given approval for alternative arrangements to be made for the oral examination (e.g. for it to be held by video conference), the department is responsible for paying for the alternative arrangements. The Doctoral College is only able to cover those costs it would normally cover (i.e. external examiners’ travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses).

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