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5. Approval of Examiners and Dispatch of the Thesis


On receipt in the Doctoral College, the form nominating examiners and examination advisor is scrutinised by the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies who is authorised to approve the nominations on behalf of Senate. Departments should be aware that if any of the required sections of the form are left blank the Office will return the form and ask for it to be completed in full.


When the nominated examiners are approved by the Chair or his/her deputy, the Doctoral College will inform the department. If the nominations are turned down or if further clarification is required, the Doctoral College will contact the department.


When the candidate submits his/her thesis, the Doctoral College will forward it to the appointed examiners. A copy of Part III of this Guide and examiners’ report and expenses claim forms will be enclosed with the thesis. The Doctoral College will not contact the examiners prior to this, but the department may wish to do so. Please note that the Doctoral College will not arrange the oral examination, this is entirely the responsibility of the internal examiner and examination advisor (where one is appointed).

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