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2. Appointment of Examiners and Examination Advisor

Examiners for your thesis will be appointed by the University in accordance with the procedure set out in Part II of this guide. Normally there will be one internal and one external examiner unless you are a part-time student and are, or have been within 12 months of the date of submission, a member of staff, as defined in University Ordinance 10 (1) on Departments (available in the University Calendar on the University website) or submitting for a PhD by Published Work, in which case there will be two external examiners. If an internal examiner with appropriate subject expertise and experience cannot be identified a second external examiner may be appointed even for a candidate who is not a member of staff. Your supervisor(s) should inform you of who your examiners are likely to be. You should keep your supervisor(s) informed of any individuals (inside or outside the University) with whom you have discussed your work in detail and from whom you have received significant advice since this may exclude them from being appointed as an examiner. You should also tell your supervisor(s) if you have a financial or personal connection with a possible examiner. Please refer to the non-exhaustive list of potential sources of conflict of interest which appears in Part II, Section 2.12. You should not seek to contact your examiners once they have been appointed.

If there is no internal examiner, an examination advisor will also be appointed, and it is recommended to departments that consideration should be given to appointing an examination advisor in all cases where an oral examination will be held. The examination advisor will assist the examiners in following University procedures and chair and maintain a record of the oral examination but not otherwise act as an examiner of your thesis. You also have the opportunity to request that an examination advisor be appointed for your examination.

You should receive a copy of the Nomination of Examiners for Research Degrees form (Form 2.) prior to the end of your period of registration. It is your responsibility to complete Part A of this form and forward it to your supervisor(s) to arrange the nomination of examiners (Part B) well in advance of the date expected for submission. Candidates should bear in mind that it may take several months for their supervisor(s) to identify suitable examiners and obtain their agreement to serve. Any delay in submission of the nomination form may lead to a delay in your examination.

NB: EngD degrees are examined by a panel of examiners which normally includes one internal and two external examiners.

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