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Frequently Asked Questions on research examinations

Please note that we have amended some of our processes to enable us to administer the examination process while working remotely to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Please refer to our frequently asked questions for further information

Flowchart of the examination process(PDF Document)


When should I complete the Nomination of Examiners form?

Ideally the Doctoral College should receive your completed Nomination of Examiners Form ( Form 2.) at least one month before you intend to submit. Please complete Part 1 of this form and then forward to your supervisor for completion of Part 2.

How do I submit my thesis?

Two soft bound copies of your thesis, together with an electronic copy saved on two CD-ROMs in pdf format should be handed in to the Main Helpdesk in the Library. Please ensure that your CDs are clearly labelled with your name and Student ID number. A completed Thesis Submission Declaration Form (Form 3.) should be handed in loose with your submission.

The Main Helpdesk is open for Thesis Submission between 8.30- 21.30 Monday to Sunday. Theses submitted outside of these hours will not be accepted. Details of how to present and bind your thesis can be found via the Part 1 section 4

You will receive a confirmation of receipt email within three working days of submission. During our peak periods we may not be able to confirm receipt should you contact us for an update.

I am not able to get to the Library to hand in my thesis. How do I submit?

If you are unable to submit in person, you can either:

  • Ask someone else to submit on your behalf at the Main Helpdesk in the Library.
  • Post your thesis directly to the Doctoral College. We recommend that you use registered post or a courier service.
  • If you are ordering copies of your thesis from Warwick Print, they can deliver directly to the Doctoral College. You just need to specify this on your order.

Please allow sufficient time to have your thesis printed and delivered so that you submit by your deadline.

Will I continue to have access to the Library and IT services once I have submitted my thesis?

Once you have submitted your thesis your access to facilities will automatically be extended to cover your examination period. This will include any time allowed by your examiners to undertake minor corrections or submit a revised thesis. Please note that it may take a few days for your period of registration to be extended. There is no need to obtain a new student card, unless you specifically require a card showing your new expiry date.

The outcome of my viva/examination was re-submission and I am now ready to re-submit my revised thesis. Is there anything else I should do?

You should submit your thesis as above. In addition you should provide two copies of a memo detailing how you have addressed the revisions requested by your examiners. Please note the resubmission fee is £200.00.

How can I pay the re-submission fee?

You can pay online via:

If you are unable to pay online, please contact the Doctoral College.

The outcome of my viva was “Pass subject to the completion of minor/major corrections”. Will I be formally notified of this by the Doctoral College?

In cases where the outcome of your viva is “Award of the degree”, “Pass with minor corrections” or "Pass with major corrections" (applicable for vivas taking place on or after 2nd October 2017), the Doctoral College does not usually notify you of this. Your examiners should provide you with a list of the corrections and the deadline for completion either at the end of the viva or shortly afterwards.

I have completed my minor/major corrections. What should I do now?

You should forward a copy of your corrected thesis to your internal examiner. Many examiners are happy to accept an electronic copy but please check with them first whether or not they require your thesis in hard copy. If you had two external examiners you should forward the revised thesis to your examinations advisor who will forward it to the external examiner(s) nominated to check the corrections. If the corrections are satisfactory, the examiner will notify the Doctoral College.

My examiner has confirmed that I have satisfactorily completed my corrections. What should I do now?

You are now required to submit a final library bound copy of your thesis, together with an electronic copy on CD-ROM in pdf format to the Doctoral College via the Main Helpdesk in the Library. Please note that Masters by Research students are not required to submit an electronic copy. Details of how to bind your thesis are in Part 1 section 5. Please ensure that a completed Library Declaration and Deposit Agreement (Form 5.) is bound in before the title page. If you are placing an order with Warwick Print, please specify Library Binding. Please see Appendix B pdffor further details of our hard binding specifications. Please also check directly with your department as they may also require a copy of your final thesis.

The outcome of my viva was pass without the need to complete any corrections. What should I do now?

You are required to submit a final hard bound copy of your thesis, together with an electronic copy on CD-ROM in pdf format as described in the answer above.

I have submitted my final library bound thesis and CD. What happens now? When will my degree be conferred?

As soon as all the paperwork in connection with your examination has been completed and you have submitted a final library bound copy of your thesis, together with CD-ROM, your name will be placed on a pass list for the approval of your award at the next meeting of the Steering Committee acting on behalf of the Senate. The Steering Committee usually meets on a monthly basis during term time, although this is subject to change. Shortly after the meeting, the Doctoral College will issue confirmation by email to your University email address and any other email address recorded on your student record. Please ensure that your email details are correct on Start.Warwick. Your award will only be conferred once you have paid any study-related debts to the University.

When will I receive my degree certificate?

Once the award of your degree has been approved by the Steering Committee acting on behalf of the Senate, you will be invited to attend the next Degree Congregation. You may choose either to receive your degree certificate at the ceremony or to graduate in absentia. Please note that you will not receive your degree certificate until your degree has been conferred formally at a Congregation, whether you decide to be present in person or not. Further information on Degree Congregations is available on the Awards and Ceremonies website. The Awards and Ceremonies Team can be contacted via graduation at warwick dot ac dot uk.

What is the deadline to be eligible to attend the Summer Degree Congregation in July 2020?

The deadline to be eligible to attend the Summer Degree Congregation in July 2020 is Friday 12th June 2020. Please note that it will not be possible to extend this deadline under any circumstances. Completion of the examination process includes your thesis being examined (usually by viva, in the case of PhD students), all reports from the examiners being returned to the Doctoral College, the reports being approved by the Chair of the relevant Faculty Education Committee, corrections (if any) being completed with notification of satisfactory completion being communicated to the Doctoral College by your examiners, and the Doctoral College receiving a final copy of your hard bound thesis accompanied by a CD (Masters by Research students are not required to submit an electronic copy).