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Use a journal

The Journal is a tool with which you can record your thoughts and experiences online i.e. it acts very much like a blog. By adding your journal or individual posts of it to a page you can allow other users to place feedback and comments on it. You will have one journal by default but can add as many as you wish by selecting the multiple journal option on the account settings page.

Journals settings

When creating an entry you must enter a title for the post and then content for the entry, you also have the option to add tags and attach files to the post. By default comments are allowed on the entry, this can be changed when creating the entry or can be modified afterwards.

Journal entry workflow

Draft entries in a journal

There is the option to leave the entry in draft form, meaning only you can see the entry until you chose to publish it.

Journal entry workflow

Once saved you can check the status of the entry from the journals page in the top right of the entry (1). If in draft a publish button will show to quickly change the entry to published, similarly if already published the text in the top right will reflect this and the button will allow you to unpublish the entry. You can also delete the entry or return to the edit screen from here (2).

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated October 2018.


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