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Tags & search in Mahara

Tags are keywords that you can give to artefacts, pages and collections in your portfolio to find them more easily later on.

Add a tag

You can select tags easily from a drop-down menu. If you do not already have a tag in your list, you can type your tag and hit the Enter key to transform it into a tag. It will be added to your list of tags once the page is saved.

Add and remove tags

  1. If you already added tags, you see them in the search box. You can remove them by clicking the little x to the left of the tag or by deleting it with the keyboard’s Delete key.
  2. Start typing a word and…
  3. … a drop-down menu becomes visible in which all the tags are shown that have this letter or letter combination.
  4. Select the tag that you wish to add to your list of tags. The number after the tag indicates how many times you have used this tag already.
  5. Save the page for your tags to be added.

Tag cloud

The tag cloud appears in all sections under the Create section of the main menu, and in the Find groups sections.

Mahara tags and search boxes

Click on a tag to filter all pages, collections and artefacts and the My Tags window will open.

My Tags window

This windows can also be accessed from Main menu > Create > Tags

On this page you can sort your tags alphabetically (1) or by the frequency with which they appear (2). If you select a tag (3), it will filter the results below to she the relevant items (4).

Tags page sorting and filtering


Search users & find people

In order to add people to a group, or share pages and collections with them open the 'find people' page directly from the Engage menu.

Find people via Engage menu

This will open the 'Find people' page.

Alternatively, at the top of the page, there is a 'search users' box to search for other users within Mahara. Type all or part of the persons name and click on the search icon.

Search users box from top of the page

This will open the 'Find people' page with results already filtered.

Find people aka search users window

Within this page, use the 'Search: (Everyone)' box which allows you to search for users by name. You can use this to find classmates or course leaders in order to send them messages friend requests or add them to groups.

Search your portfolio

There are two search locations available within the Portfolio / pages and collections section.

The first appears at the top of Pages and collections and allows searching by title, description and tags. Search results can be sorted alphabetically, by date created and last modified amongst other options.


Results are returned as a selection of the pages / collections in a grid view.

Search results for P+C search

The second search options appears in the menu on the right hand side (below the Tags window if this is present). In tests we have found that this is not as reliable a search as the pages and collections version.

Search portfolio

Results (when any are found) are returned as a simple list with location information.

Search my portfolio results

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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