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Use notes

Notes are bits and pieces of text that you can re-use from one portfolio page in another without having to copy the entire page.

View your notes

Though you cannot create notes directly from this page, you can edit your notes. Their content will be changed wherever that note is used.

Click on 'Main menu' > Expand 'Create' > Select Notes


This action will display all the notes you have made using the Notes block across your portfolio Pages

The ‘Notes’ screen displays:

1. Note title: This column contains the titles of the notes where they appear for the first time. When you click the title, you see the content of the note.
2. Block title: This column shows the title of the note blocks so that you can find the requisite note more easily esp. when you changed the title considerably.
3. The Contained in column lists all the pages in which this note is used. It is matched up with the Titled column.
4. Click the Edit button to make changes to the note. Beware that any changes you make here are made to all instances of the note.
5. Click the Delete button to permanently delete the note. This action cannot be undone and all instances of the note are deleted from portfolio pages.

Edit your notes

You can edit your notes to make changes to them. Please note, when you make changes to a note from this page, all instances of this note on your portfolio page will be affected.

To edit a note, click on the ‘Edit’ icon next to note that you would like to edit.

Edit note

Make changes to the note and click the save button to record the change.

Update note

Deleting a note

To delete a note, click on the ‘Delete’ icon next to the note you would like to delete.

Please note, this action can be undone and all instances of the note are deleted from your portfolio

Delete note

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated October 2018.


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