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Sign in with a text message

We recommend using an authenticator app on your phone to generate a verification code because your phone doesn't need a cellular network signal or internet connection to generate a code.

If your phone won't run an authenticator app, or you don't want to install one, you can receive verification codes by text message instead. When you use a new device for the first time, you'll need a phone signal to receive a text message.

Important: This help article applies to the Single Sign-on service, which is being replaced by Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  1. Ensure that two-step authentication is turned on for your ITS Account and that you have added your mobile phone number.
  2. Visit any page on, then click Sign in at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter your ITS Account username and password.
  4. Choose an option from the Keep me signed in drop-down list. You won't be asked to sign in again until the time period you choose expires – unless you're private browsing or you start a new session in a different browser (Google Chrome then Internet Explorer, for example).
  5. Click Send a code to my phone.
  6. Check your phone for a text message containing a six-digit number:

    Your Warwick verification code is 123456

    Text messages come from two senders:

    • In the UK: WarwickUni
    • International: +1 262-586-4639
  7. On Warwick's Sign in page, type the number in the Verification code box. The code is valid for approximately five minutes.

    Enter the verification code sent to your phone

    Tip: To avoid being prompted to enter a verification code each time you sign in, choose a duration from the Don't ask for a code again on this device drop-down list. Your device is now added to your list of remembered devices.
  8. Click Sign in.

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