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Trabajadores : The Spanish Civil War through the eyes of organised labour


Access our digital collection of archives about the Spanish Civil War, together with useful background information on the conflict.

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Images and transcriptions of more than 4,000 documents from our archive collections - fully searchable by keyword


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Barcelona May Days, 1937

Basque children in Britain

The International Brigade

Spanish Medical Aid

The Scottish Ambulance Unit in Spain


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About the Spanish Civil War:

Illustrated timeline (short)

Illustrated timeline (in-depth)


About the Spanish Civil War and Britain:

'Aid for Spain'

"Voices from the archives"

About the British and international trade union movements:

The Trades Union Congress and the Spanish Civil War: article by Dr Tom Buchanan

The Trades Union Congress, 1936-1939: Its history and organisation

The International Federation of Trade Unions, 1936-1939: Its history and organisation

Collecting for Spain: The International Transport Workers' Federation