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'Health Services Journal', 1946-1950

The Confederation of Health Service Employees (COHSE) was formed in 1946 by the amalgamation of the Mental Hospital and Institutional Workers' Union and the Hospitals and Welfare Services Union. In 1993 it amalgamated with the National and Local Government Officers' Association and the National Union of Public Employees (NUPE) to form UNISON.

The Modern Records Centre has a run of the COHSE journal 'Health Services' from 1946-1993. The volumes for 1946-1950, around the time of the formation of the National Health Service, have been digitised and are available through our online catalogue.

The journals include information about wages and working conditions of health workers (particularly in what were then termed 'Mental Hospitals'), articles on the National Health Service and other medical developments in the UK and abroad, job advertisements and obituaries.

'Health Services Journal', nos.1-12, Jan-Dec 1946Link opens in a new window

'Health Services Journal', nos.1-12, Jan-Dec 1947Link opens in a new window

'Health Services Journal', vol.1, nos.1-12, Jan-Dec 1948Link opens in a new window

'Health Services Journal', vol.2, nos.1-12, Jan-Dec 1949Link opens in a new window

'Health Services Journal', vol.3, nos.1-12, Jan-Dec 1950Link opens in a new window