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'The Railway Express', 1890-1892

The General Railway Workers' Union (GRWU) was founded in 1890 and amalgamated with the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the United Pointsmen's and Signalmen's Society in 1913 to form the National Union of Railwaymen. The membership of the General Railway Workers' Union appears to have been concentrated in the railway workshops and amongst railwaymen engaged in handling goods traffic.

The Modern Records Centre has one bound volume containing an incomplete run of the GRWU's journal 'The Railway Express' between October 1890 - February 1892 (volume 1, nos.1-6, 8-15, 19-20, 22-41, and volume 2, nos. 54, 56-59, 63, 70). The newspaper included reports of union meetings and demonstrations, branch and district reports, information about strikes, working conditions, wages and accidents, editorials on a range of trade union and labour movement related subjects, and correspondence and poems.

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