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Art in the Archives: Art in Adversity

Almanac produced by inmates of Hutchinson Internment Camp for enemy aliens in Douglas, Isle of Man, December 1940

This remarkable document is among papers relating to Harald Schmidt-Landry, an inmate of the camp who was assisted by the publisher and humanitarian Victor Gollancz. There is another illustration from this almanac in Gallery 1 of this exhibition, Figures. Tip: you might get a better view of the images by clicking or tapping on them.

Victor Gollancz papers: 658/12

Preface and thanks; depiction of the camp

The preface describes how the contributing artists had to adapt their styles to the rudimentary duplicating equipment available to the editors.

Hutchinson Internment Camp almanac: preface and thanks; depiction of the camp

Article on the 'Mission of art'; portrait of man with pipe

The article by Siegfried Oppenheimer contains the apposite sentiment: “True works of art endure through all trials and tribulations of the age”.

Hutchinson Internment Camp almanac: Mission of art article; portrait of man with pipe

'Dudelsack auf Capri' ['Bagpipes on Capri'] poem; sketch for sulpture

Hutchinson Internment Camp almanac: Dudelsack auf Capri poem; sketch for sculpture

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