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Art in the Archives

Detail of Japanese print

This is the on-line version of our exhibition on the visual arts featuring archives from our holdings. It is in the following sections:

Art and struggle

A sculptor’s solidarity; portrait of atrocity; collective action; up the workers!

Eyes from drawing

Art in adversity

Aliens on an island

Line from internment camp almanac

Art attacked

Racist anger; treasures targetted; Koreans imprisoned

Newspaper headline

Art restored

Saved by civil servants

Part of photograph of restored statuette

Art at Warwick

Scary sculpture; erecting a campus landmark; our very own gallery

Part of photograph of mask

Artist and model

The birth of a bust

Line from letter by Alfreda Brilliant

The Saga of Congress House

The TUC's sculptural travails of 1954

Line from telegram  about sculpture competition


Figures; Faces; People, Places & Nature

Detail of Japanese print