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Art in the Archives: Gallery 3 : Pleople, Places & Nature

This eclectic gallery includes:

  • Japanese prints whose presence in the Shipping Federation archive shows that the unexpected can be found in archives;
  • quirky paintings of unknown origin in the papers of Jack Jones (1913-2009), trade union leader (see Gallery 2 :Faces for a portrait of Jones);
  • works by Frank Patterson (1871-1952), the renowned depictor of British places for a cycling audience;
  • works by William Henry Stokes (1894-1977), trade unionist and communist of Coventry;
  • children's drawings from the papers of Frances Moira MacLean, who was involved with a charity supporting children visiting prisons;
  • a view of part of the Warwick campus as it may once have been.

Click or tap the images to get a better view of them and their captions (you'll then be able to go through all the images without scrolling).

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